Kaley Junkins

Kaley Junkins


Acoustic rock love ballads from the One Man Mutiny that is Kaley Junkins


Some might say Kaley started playing music right out of the womb. But with a traveling musician for a father and a classically trained pianist for a mother, how could it have been any other way? The Buddy Holly Story first sparked Kaley’s interest in music and along with Roy Orbison and the Everly Brothers, they provided the majority of the material played by his high school band. In college he got his first taste of playing in a working, original band. Not long after that he went out on his own, this time as front-man for Field Trip and later with Mudfish Junkins. After countless bands and years of revolving musicians, Kaley questioned the need for a traditional band and found the answer in his latest project: ONE MAN MUTINY. OMM is an example of Kaley’s self-reliance and a product of his ability to question what some might call the truth. He continues to write and record his own brand of moody, descriptive love songs that when performed acoustically force you to focus on the lyrics. With ONE MAN MUTINY, he takes it to a new level with the addition of melodic guitar lines and more intricate arrangements.


One Man Mutiny-January 2009 (Desert Highway Records)