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Kali Boy,The most attentive Hip Hop rapper to emerge on the scene in a while, Check out tracks like: "The After Party", "A Better Way", and many more! Peep Demo's here!. For downloads visit: newrhyme.com.


This “Macramento Hip Hop Rapper” KALI BOY is quick to get his Pixx on after giving you a “Giggin Show”. He’s 25, born and raised in Sacramento, California and is now residing in Elk Grove, California, Home of “New Rhyme Records”. His observant Rap Style showcases his keenness to what he feels people are lookin’ for, to “Pallay” and have a good time. What sets Kali Boy apart from the rest is his music. He believes in songs that say something, not in fads or trendy mainstream tracks. He likes instrumentation, like Singin, Horns, Guitars, Strings etc. Kali Boy is set out on putting the Music back in Music. Working with Veteran Producer: G Mackey (Too Shorts “THE GHETTO”) Kali Boy keeps the message in his music with such SMASH tracks like “Better Way” which talks about young folks taking each others lives and disrespecting their parents/women/and each other. Kali Quote: “I’m on a restoration mission, to bring back old school (peaceful) house parties, local talent shows, recreation centers, well, I guess what I’m hoping for is an Evolution for young America.”
Kali Boy is set on bringing back the good times and you can hear it in his music.
Kali Boy’s band: “The B.U. Band”, a 7 piece LIVE “high energy” band that will put you into a rhythmic trance!

Horoscope: Sagittarius
Sports: Football, Basketball, Boxing.
Foods: Soul Food, Sea Food.
Hobbies: Playing Basketball, Play Station Madden.


New Album: "IN THE VALLEY"

1. "Got What I Need"
2. "Kali Boy"
3. "KeepTakin It Off
4. "Better Way"
5. "K.A.L.I " (Do What You Wanna Do)
6. "After Party"
7. "Pretty Thug"
8. " 69"
9. "In The Valley"
10. "Keep Doin It"
Produced By: G-Mackey 4 New Rhyme Productions
All Music Published By: Daedal Music/BMI

Set List

Set Songs Include:
Songs From The Album Plus* Cover Songs