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Something different in hip hop music. Not a breath of fresh air, but an annoyance to anyone who's not good enough to compete. Kalil Kash makes music that he feels is exquisite; an adjective not normally used for most hip hop artists. In other words, YOU NEED MY MUSIC!


I looked into the crowd, right. I was scared stiff. It was probably about 30 people, but regardless I had right to be shook. So, I get up. It's the last performance of the night. Lucky for me I had warmed up before with a collab performance, but my legs still trembled. "Get it together Kash," I mumbled to myself. Grabbed that mic; the song starts. First verse, BAM perfect. Second verse, BAM perfect. Third? Where's the third?.........

It must have ran off because I swear I couldnt find it. I was choking; I couldnt believe it. Luckily for me my homey (whose name I'll keep unknown for now) basically saved me by saying, "well thats the show folks!"

No one noticed my mistake, thank God.

Now is that a way to start my FIRST performance ever or WHAT?! That was 2 years ago. Now, after countless more times on stage, I kind of think im ready for action.


Pure Hate

Written By: Michael K. Johnson

Kalil Kash- Pure Hate

(Internal Quest)

Coming to the stage, a very special guest of mine.
He's from about every place in America,
he does his thing, hes on his grind.
Please welcome, yours truely.

(Kalil Kash) (Verse 1)

I'm the number one suspect/
Racism, nigger, spick, or cracker, whatever comes next/
See I'm the reason for Marcus Garvey's life/
Main source for all your pain and strife (uh)/
I hate you, but trust you love me/
May not know it, but deep down you want me/
I made the ghetto, created KKK/
Killed Dr. King, I never hate to say/
This ain't no Bronx Tale, it's bigger than that/
Every country, province, and state is stuck in my trap/
Ask Malcolm, don't doubt him, I'm evil/
Shout racism is dead, they don't believe you/
Rosa Parks tried, Harriet tried/
But I got the majority on the wrong side/
So do your little Million Man March/
And pray to God before I make the killing start/ (uh)

(Kalil Kash) (Hook) 2x

What's good? My name is/
What's good? My name is/
What's good? My name is/
Who the hell am i? Pure Hate/

(Kalil Kash) (Verse 2)

Think you don't need me, please B, I'm necessary/
I rest in the worst hoods, I'm never scary/
Yeah black people all love me the same/
Don't think they all clean in this racism game/
I even rolled up on the NBA kid/
Put on that suit, Hip Hop ain't right, shit/
White sheets is my uniform, not for screwing on/
Give you pain, listen to the song/
Kanye said that Jesus walks/
And talked about my boy Bush, another for my books/
'Cause you know New Orleans was my victim/
Fuck your life, who's peace? I killed him/

(Kalil Kash) (Hook) 2x

(Kalil Kash) (Outro)

Okay thank you all for this wonderful show
you know what I'm saying, i do my thing, you know.
Oh, oh, thank you, thank you, oh, thank you, thank you for the applause.
You're too much, you guys are too much. I know you love me, you love me so much.
Thank you, thank you America.

(Kalil Kash) (Hook) 2x

Shows What You Know

Written By: Michael K. Johnson

Chorus: 2X

The Look, the swag, professional/
Don't think so? Hmmm. Shows What You Know/
Looking clean, Looking clean as hell/
Looking clean, Looking clean as hell/

Verse 1:

Waste of your damn time listenig to others/
For certain, each of them is a sucker/
MC, who's he? dont mind me/
I dont take bum negros too lightly (huh)/
Kalil design rhymes like ya'll? Never that/
Put yourself in a box, see if you ever last/
Yep, go through the ghetto battery/
realize the power that we're handling/
Sorry folks, Kash stay out of shit/
Im fly as hell, bet niggas try to swat the kid/
I stay leveled my protools, but old fools/
Get stupid and get fried up like soul food/
Without a Nia Long, See him gone, believe it yall/
AI Team, each song receive it yall/
From Brick City where the criminals stay/
In a house full of roaches to catch a raid, hey!/

(Chorus 2x)

(Verse 2)

Say what Kalil can do in song/
No rapper can go back and forth like pong/
With me see, he's unmatched, in fact/
Kalil Kash represents the epitome of rap/
Who flows better? He's probably in heaven/
So now this nigga must rock crowds like Evanescence/
Kash so fly he went off and left to/
Being the sole owner of Jet Blue/
Much luck to the cats under me/
Wondering how they can catch Kalil blundering/
I can tell you how to peep that pal/
On the exact same day it snows in hell/
Must rappers belong in a garbage pale/
The stench reeks bad, and it aint hard to smell/
Crimes on mics, ya'll belong in jail/
No verison network, but I called that well/

(Chorus 2x)

(Verse 3)

So much for the nickel and diming/
It's the rich life that Kalil is eyeing/
He senses much success/
On non-stop gain, nothing less, yes/
Its a clean gain like detergent/
No corner work on my behalf, and I'm glad/
Give me cheese so Ya'll can get the picture/
The Image takes checks also to make it clearer/
Force my hand on rappers I must/
But son, hes not in the mood for such/
You the best?, crazy yes/
Nah, Kalil got it next/
If songs are attitudes, ya'll just laughin/
Must be jokes, I'm pissed, overreacting/
Let me fall back to let ya'll ventlate/
While Kash cause more fire than Independance Day/
(Chorus 2x)



"Shows What You Know" (2007)

"Bandwagon" (2007)

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Set List

1. Bandwagon
2. Brick City Kalil
3. Take 5 For Da Nine
4. Put Kash On It
5. Shows What You Know