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Kalil kash

Newark, New Jersey, United States

Newark, New Jersey, United States
Band Hip Hop


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"An Exiting Method"

Impressed by the LP, ‘The Exit Method’ I’m looking forward to this album release party we’ll be having for it later tonight at The Bowery Poetry Club during ‘A Monthly Bondfire’. Everyone knows it takes a lot to impress me. All I can say is that I’m actually excited. I’m thrilled to be in the midst of a powerful movement of young men and women that are following their passion for music, art and culture and making things happen, instead of complaining and making excuses. It’s like these young folks have no fear. Big shout to Kalil Kash for taking his time to put together a real album. 11 songs. That’s what I’m talking about… - I Are Conscious.com

"Kalil Kash- The Exit Method (Album)"

When Kalil Kash steps on stage, you have no choice but to take notice. The flaco New Jersey born emcee grabs the mic in his skinny jeans, and rocks it with a commanding vice grip on your attention. It's like LL Cool J's muscle-bound braggadocio has been funneled into a dude skinnier than Mos Def. Not only does he perform the kind of Hip-Hop that is fun, like "Right in the Kissah" (I mean, who doesn't enjoy punching people in the face), he creates the kind of music that is successful on stage and on wax.

When I first heard about The Exit Method, I wondered if Kalil's magic would hold up as well in my stereo as it does when he is a featured performer. To my delight, I found another dope album from Hip-Hop's Ivy League. Like the title of one of his fan favorites, this jawn bangs ("Bang" is a favorite on and off stage). I encountered another side of Kalil on "20 Years", where he displays both storytelling ability and vulnerability. "November" is another favorite. I'd say those are my two favorite tracks on the album.

Keep an eye on the horizon for the rise of Kalil Kash. - Corporate Bboyism


Singles: "Bang" , "Right In The Kissah", "Shows What You Know"

LP's: "The Exit Method" (2010)



Kalil Kash, coming off of the release of his debut album, The Exit Method, has been performing in the New York City underground circuit for a considerable amount of time now. Having performed in venues such as The Bowery Poetry Club, Public Assembly, Crash Mansion, and Sputnik (to name a few), he is more than ready to move on to the next level. Throughout 2009 he has slowly developed a following amongst fans and other artists alike. With the release of his critically acclaimed album (posted/reviewed so far by iheartdilla.com, Iareconscious.com and Andremauricepress.com), that following has only grown in numbers. Many of his fans come from a variety of backgrounds and seem to all catch on to his music easily enough to repeat word for word at shows. His debut's title is explained by Kalil as “a getaway from all the worlds problems through music,� so it's no wonder why so many people can understand his mind and music and gravitate towards it. We also can see Kalil's playful-yet-serious side come to life in the music video for his single “Bang,� which has been posted on blogs such as Illroots.com, CashAndCaviar.com and Aboveground Mag.com. Kalil is currently working on his next project, but in the meanwhile hopes to cause a serious ruckus with the one already aforementioned.