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I would describe my music as meaniful, fun, and unpredictable!!! I love using rhythm,metaphores and similes to create art with words!!!


Kalizion (a name given to him by his former partner Rasta 1ne of Geto Pyratz) is a producer/emcee who uses his lyrics like art to paint a complex picture with simple words. This son of a single mother and killer has been writing his own lyrics since 13 and started producing and engineering at the age of 19 while serving time overseas in the United States Marine Corps. Kalizion was often restricted to the barracks for skipping military duties to perform at freestyle battles and local venues and malls with his two mentors, Dj Rasta Root, and Marc-T. After completing his four years of Active duty, Kalizion returned to Illinois and released his first project The Brain Housing Group on an independent label that he formed with his Marine Corps comrades Daniel Williams Jr and Lawrence N. Hardwick. Most of the album was produced, recorded, and mixed by Kalizion himself and sold 1,000 copies the first week out because of the infamous 11 billboard campaign (google search) “Hip Hop Rots Your Brain.” A campaign that gave Upanotch Records the most publicity that any other independent Hip Hop label has ever had in Champaign, Illinois.


2003 Single-The September 8th Project
2005 LP-The Brain Housing Group
2007 Single-Ready

Set List

Previous excerpts from the Brain Housing Group Album
Hitchhiker (acapella folklore storytelling)
The Story of 2 Fly (serious story telling)
The People of Paradox story (funny story telling)
I learn the elements (wordplay)
Cruise Control (wordplay)
Fall Back
Jitter Critter
Check me Out
It’s Alright