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The best kept secret in music


""...Kalkaska seem like they can do anything.""

Area genius. Kalkaska seem like they can do anything -- their last EP was something we could only describe as eviscerated pop. Here they go in for three songs of ultimate power-pop rush. With their irreverent echo saturation in tact, they proceed with helium vocals, bruised guitar and intermediate joyful clatter. It approaches the summer canyon pop of Cali shit like Further or Summer Hits, but with a Bloomfield MI sense of macbre. Mastered by neighbor, jimmyedgar.com - Neptune Records Newsletter

""...Kalkaska makes its own musical rules.""

From the opening of “Rewind Your Mind," it's clear that Kalkaska makes its own musical rules. The guitar line and the quick introduction of Christian Jay Sienkiewicz's casual vocals, combined with the band's layered instrumental approach, it's clear that the Michigan experimental indie rockers were focused on reworking their sound in 2002. After the 2001 release of a self-titled instrumental cassette, the band regrouped with the addition of bassist Matt Porter. Sienkiewicz's distant, wavy vocal exercises are the most obvious change to the band's sound, but it's also clear that Mike Campbell took on a greater role on drums and synthesizer. The frisky and psychedelic “I'm Not Working to Work to You" is followed by the drum-machine-fueled “Dine & Ditch Club," the most gorgeous and disorienting track of the disc. “Klassicks" is another example of the band's whimsical cut-and-paste style. Eric Fouladbash appears on drums and guitar throughout, and Matt Iannuzzi makes a guest appearance. Many of the songs on Show Me Yr Riffs were reworked for Kalkaska's follow-up, Exile on James Street. Both discs were released by Michigan's Audiopants Recordings. - All Music Guide

""Like perfect bedroom indie rock exploding out into your house party!""

Like perfect bedroom indie rock exploding out into your house party! Perfect moments of fragile, experimental beauty meet up with more trad lofi indie rock in a perfect marriage of what makes music interesting. Fans of Mercury Rev (old), Ariel Pink, Animal Collective and plain old good music should take note! - Lager House Website

""...Kalkaska aren't looking for the easy way out.""

..Also new is the full-length disc Exile On James Street by the complex, post rock-ish band Kalkaska. A subtle joining of involved melodies, jumbled noises, and drafty vocals, Kalkaska aren't looking for the easy way out. - Real Detroit Weekly

""Mellow avalanches of sound and cute chaos...""

Mellow avalanches of sound and cute chaos, all in services of aching melodic songs. Slow and hazy music with the lackadaisical intent of dub or folk; or maybe the sound of Sam Prekop getting a concussion by a Panasonic tape recorder. With unselfconscious lo-fidelity and twinkles of pranksterism this Detroit ensemble (guitars, electronics, bass, drums, cell phone, synth) may, at first, appear to be of the Sukpatch/Azalia Snail/Further schools. But they're too young to know any of that, and are probably loaded with bigger things in mind. - Neptune Records Newsletter

""Chaotic as they are melodic...""

Chaotic as they are melodic, local band Kalkaska has that whole post-punk thing going on. With Matt Porter on bass, Christian Seinkeiwicz on guitars and vocals, Ryan Cady on drums, and sometimes a slew of other people on additional guitar, keyboards, and tape loops, their music is as loose and fun as their band line up. - Troy Observor & Eccentric


Smooth Move EP (Self Released / 2005)
Kalkaska Feeds The Cats (Audiopants / 2004)
Sir Walter Kalkaska (Self Released / 2004)
Fun Lakes EP (Electricks & Dunes / 2003)
Exile On James Street (Audiopants / 2002)

V/A "One Scene To Another" (Plumline / 2005)
V/A "Mitten State Transmissions" (Top Quality Rock & Roll / 2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


A couple art students from Detroit churn out highly reverbed, cut-n-past post dub for the youth of today. Skate punks, art fags, reggae 45 collectors, and neo-merry pranksters unite! It's a 2006 fucked up dance party.

Kalkaska would love to play yourr backyard, basement, or abandon tennis court in the woods. we really don't mind catshit, so don't worry. We've got shitloads of cd-r's with amazing artwork, you can find them on our bedroom floors with coffee stains all over them. Ask us nicely and we might give you one.

Influences: Matt Porter's Reggae 45 collection, late night basement jams, Phantom Pregnancies, ESG, Hugh Mundell, Free Kitten, analog synths that barely work

Who we've played with: Mary Timony, Saturday Looks Good To Me, New Grenada, Judah Johnson, The Thermals, Red Pony Clock, Kind Of Like Spitting, Kiddo, Thunderbirds Are Now!, Stars, The King Cobra, and many more.