Kallan Phillips

Kallan Phillips

 Shelley, Western Australia, AUS

Kallan Phillips combines modern RnB influences with late 80's and early 90's Hip Hop production techniques, producing a rough, grainy and funk driven sound. Phillips, a virtuosic blues guitarist, infects his neo-soul influenced beats with the emotional sensibility of a singer-songwriter, whilst maintaining the mindset of bedroom producing wunderkinds such as Cody ChestnuTT and Lewis Taylor.


In late 2012, Kallan Phillips travelled to the United States and lived in North Carolina for a period of time. Whilst journeying through the country, Kallan fell in love with the music of cities like Memphis, New Orleans and Chicago. He also fell in love with an American. When he had to leave, Kallan's experiences helped him to develop his debut single Never Knew You,  and with it the Lo-Fi soul sound he would pursue. 


Never Knew You

Written By: Kallan Phillips

I never knew you, but still I want to.
Would you let me… If i weren’t gonna leave?
Well i know that i’m not getting my way;
There's something deep inside of me,
That's begging you to plead with me even if we both know i can't stay.

While i'd hoped i’d have the time to make you fall in love,
i don’t even think i love you much myself.
Still i'll cry and moan and make my friends hate my romantic heart,
Cus i’m too jealous to let you love someone else.

I never knew you, and now i dunno what to do.
To make you want me, yeah.
It's gonna take a while to see...

That while i’d hoped i’d have the time to make you fall in love,
i don’t even think i love you much myself.
Still i’ll fool myself into believing that with you,
Infatuation i have never, ever felt.

When i see you smile i feel like i could make a whole new life;
One thats waiting for me when i fall behind...
Then we talk and i see clearer than the light of day:
I’m the last thing that is ever on your mind.

Yeah girl.

Begging you reciprocate, but seems its simply far too late,
So all i do is doubt how you feel.
Because deep down right inside my soul, I fear you already know
And i am just not what you want at all.

The simple truth which guides my life,
Says normally avoid all strife... But avoiding that would mean avoiding you.

You laugh and smile and break my heart
And know that i can never start, to catch up to you and all you are because
You are gone.