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Blessed with a crisp delivery and a demanding presence, he is a street poet in the truest sense. His sound is an aggressive combo of his Cali roots and the Midwest aesthetic that defines him today. While his influences span regions, his place among the most talented in the Midwest is unquestioned.


KALO – what a name – where did it come from? Raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during a time when there were more shootings than the notorious gang-city of Compton, California, Korbey White preferred a low-profile. So much so, that those who knew him called him “Low-K”. Now, “Kalo,” with three albums to his credit, takes on the limelight with a graceful modesty.

Since releasing his first album “How Lo Can U Go” in 2001, the 26-year-old Kalo has shared the stage with regional and national artists including Young Bloodz, Dead Prez, Rob DZ, Bone Thugs N Harmony, DLO, F. Stokes and most recently Snoop Dogg and T.I. Kalo’s second and third albums “Omen” and “He Cold” respectively, have received air time on radio stations in both Milwaukee and Madison as well as college radio throughout the MidWest. In all, the first three albums sold over 4,200 units.

“Kalo can rock a raucous stage show commanding the attention of his fans just like the blast-maters of old." - Jesse Spohn of Broadjam

Musically, Kalo’s style is a fusion of aggressive West-Coast rap and the rapid-fire flow of the MidWest. With the Compton area as his birthplace, Kalo has been influenced by Compton hip-hop legends N.W.A, DJ Quick and MC Eiht. Kalo’s sound has tones similar to E-40, Kanye West and T.I.

On the 2007 “Brew World Order” album, Kalo continues the versatility and transparency for which he has come to be known. Each song varies from the next. An array of the Midwest’s most accomplished producers change up the instrumentation leaving each track feeling fresh. Producers include Brian Daly (Sony, Apple), Devante “Dee Ess” Sago (50 Cent, Dre Yung, J Capone, S.G.K.) and Bradley Thomas (a.k.a. DLO). Kalo always pens from his personal observations and experiences. Lyrics on the album explore its title of the societal undercurrents that keep poor Milwaukee minorities disadvantaged. Themes explore the heaviness of life in the hood in “Keep it Mil’” to a lighter shout-out to the Midwest in “Head Nod.” The break-out fan favorite “AmeriKKKan Idol” showcases Kalo’s broad appeal. Brew World Order is packed with songs for the clubs, streets, women and most importantly, the true fans of hip hop.

With a solid understanding of the four elements of hip hop, Kalo treats his on-stage performances as an essential component to being a “complete” artist. Combined with his ferocious lyrics, Kalo has established a platform for success. In total, Kalo has released four full-length albums. All of which have had modest regional success. Brew World Order is set to be the break-out album that helps distinguish Kalo as one of the next great Emcee’s out of the MidWest.


KALO - 'He Cold'
- Released in 2005
- 15 Songs
- 1,348 copies sold to date
- Major singles from Album include:
“Thug Thizzle”
“Lil' Drink”
“Head Nod”

KALO - 'Omen'
- Released in 2003
- 3 song maxi-single
- 649 copies sold
- "North Coast"(1st single) received 23 spins on Hot 105.9 and 45 on WSUM (Wisconsin Student Radio)

KALO - 'How Lo Can U Go?'
- Released in 2002
- 8 Cuts
- 1,057 copies sold

Set List

Kalo’s stage presence is one of his strongest points as an artist. He prides himself on his ability to keep the crowd hyped and involved in the show. He approaches each performance as a personal challenge to put on the best show possible.

Set list varies on the venue, however a typical 30-45 minute set list looks like this:
Brew World Order
Head Nod
Amerikkkan Idol
Letter To My Favorite Rapper
Thug Thizzle
He Cold
North Coast

**All songs are available as Radio Edits**