Kalob Griffin Band

Kalob Griffin Band

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

We believe in delivering honest lyrics you can relate too, creating music that moves you, and sharing a live show experience together that leaves all of us wanting more. Enjoy our blend of Americana Rock n' Roll!


The Kalob Griffin Band, a Philadelphia based outfit better known to their devoted fan base as “KGB,” strives to engage listeners on and off stage with a unique, energetic, and personalized experience that encourages people to come together and have a fun time.

With the help of their dedicated fans and intimate team, the band recently released their debut album, “June Found a Gun” off of their label, There He is Records. After forming at Penn State in 2009 and undergoing various personnel changes, the homegrown Americana rockers released a self-titled EP in the spring of 2010 and have since been continuously touring and developing an active, fan-based community that has turned into more of a family. A range of dynamic experiences has led the group to where they are and where they’re going, ranging from national tours and festival appearances with colleague Bobby Long (ATO Records), to booking sold out venues in major markets including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and New York City, to seeking unconventional performances that get their music in front of new people.

Kalob Griffin (vocals/guitar), Rob Dwyer (guitar/mandolin/banjo), Eric Lawry (drums/vocals), John Hildenbrand (keyboards/vocals), and Nick Salcido (electric/upright bass) compose this brotherhood of musicians who come together to create a sound and live show that some would say is immediately original, familiar, and contagious.

Original and familiar? Take a John Prine lyric, an Avett Brothers harmony, an Allman Brothers solo, and a foot-stomping live show then mix and mash to your heart’s desire to hear what KGB is all about. The KGB is a revival of what the great pioneers of the industry stood for – hard work, true talent, and building a community.

Recorded at Milkboy Studios in Ardmore, Pa., the twelve-track “June” aims broaden the landscape of the Americana genre by combining various influences. The 12-track debut is a collection of reflective tales of the band’s past and a glimpse into the next chapter of their journey. “Take Me River” opens the album and invites audiences to howl along before unfolding into the catchy “Cheatin’ Joey.” The mandolin-heavy “Honeymooners” tempts the crowd, aged 5 to 75, to grab the person next to them and dance the night away, continuing into the compelling story of “Go On Your Way.” The musical narrative keeps listeners craving for more with the southern delta influenced rock jam “Johnny Double Down,” skipping along to fan favorite “Whiskey My Love.” “IPA,” an energetic ode to the band’s home state, sweeps listeners off of their feet and brings them back down to the tell tale concluder “A Girl From Chapel Row.”

The band has just begun to develop a name for themselves as fun-loving, uninhibited rock n’ rollers who exhibit an artistic vision committed to being fan-centric and experience driven. Turn up a tune, grab the person next to you and swing them by the arm, and wait until we see what’s next…


Kalob Griffin Band EP
6-Track Self Titled Debut. March 2011
June Found A Gun
12 Track LP. June 2012

Set List

All Originals:
American Dream
Big Blue Mama
Cheatin' Joey
Cut Me Down
Go On Your Way
God's Gift to Women
Hopeful Heart
Johnny Double Down
Love Fever
Oh Good Woman
Pretty Girl from Chapel Row
Ricky Tick Tack
Take Me River
Timing is Everything
When the House is Sold
Whiskey Fever
Whiskey My Love
Winter Blues
Rick Jr.

Current Covers:
Heart of Gold, Neil Young
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, The Flaming Lips
Harlem River Blues, Justin Townes Earle
Ramblin' Man, The Allman Brothers
Tangled Up in Blue, Bob Dylan
Paradise, John Prine
Roadhouse Blues, The Doors