Kalvin Koolidge

Kalvin Koolidge


High octane rock n' roll with groove. The band pours shots of all genres into their signature punk rock cocktail. Ravaging live performances are Koolidge's trademark. Check myspace.com/kalvinkoolidge for Show Dates.


With a reckless rock and roll swagger this band was made for the live stage. Bearing masks of dead presidents, launching off of tall monitors, and ending the set with a pants party are few among the routines creating buzz around the band’s live act. From rock clubs to bars, pubs, frat houses, strip clubs and church halls; this band has gone anywhere and everywhere to build their loyal fan base.

Koolidge released their first album "Kill the Precedent" In September 2006. Robin Umbley of "The Noise" wrote,

"This is an absolutely riveting, simply amazing rock ’n’ roll CD. It’s hard to believe there are only three musicians creating this sonic nirvana."

One month later the band was asked to perform an 18 date tour of the UK. The response overseas was great and the band plans to head back to the Uk in Summer 2007.

Most recently Kalvin Koolidge played to a sold out Paradise Rock Club at the fifth annual Rodfest. 650 poured throgh the doors and made 1/19/2007 a night to remember.

WBCN and WFNX have been spinning the band’s battle song “Streets of Tikrit” and showing the bands funkier side "Switches." The band plans to follow up the album with a 5 song EP in 2007.


Debut album "Kill the Precedent" released 9/06

"This is an absolutely riveting, simply amazing rock ’n’ roll CD." Robin Umbley - The Noise

Streets of Tikrit
both regularly played on WBCN and WFNX Boston

Set List

45-90 min.
Good Old Boys Don't Die
One More Roll
Head in the Oven (Hotter)
My Name is Jones
The King is Dead
Certain Things
Streets of Tikrit
The King is Dead
Through Locked Doors and a Kiss Goodnight
Black Hawk

Psycho Killer; Billie Jean; I Can See For Miles; Lawyers, Guns, and Money; Iron, Lion, Zion; Anarchy in the UK