Kalvin Nova

Kalvin Nova


Kalvin Nova is a high-energy electro-alternative rock band that combines a variety of musical elements and stage antics into one exciting and explosive live experience that is truly one of a kind. Driving alternative rock, ambient electronics, and intricate groove all wrapped into one!


The idea of Kalvin Nova was formed within the minds of Mason Lusk and Luke Galloway in the summer of 2006. They were growing tired of hearing the same sound from every band, watching lack-luster live shows, and seeing all the bands around them fall into the trap of sticking to a specific genre. With the help of percussionist Jeremy Bell, the duo moved their ideas to the stage where they tweaked and crafted a sound unlike any around their area that blended the world of synthesizers and computers with the natural sounds of “organic” instruments giving them the nickname “The Scientists of Sound”.
When asked to describe Kalvin Nova, listeners were found to be stumbling over words, using metaphors, or just replying with “I can’t”. No two descriptions were the same. However, they all agreed that the band’s sound was a breath of fresh air in this day and age where fads rule and, sadly, image becomes more of a priority than the music itself.
Above all, Kalvin Nova is just a group of friends who share the same desire to create something fun, expressive, entertaining, and timeless. With their mix of driving alternative rock, ambient electronica, and intricate groove powering an exciting and explosive live experience packed full of memorable surprises, they definitely have something to keep crowds coming back for more.


Ninety Seven

Written By: Luke Galloway

Hey you
Why do you try
Make a good song
For once

Hey you
Give up and cry
Shed a sad tear
Go on

Go on

You have already lost
We have already won

The Beauty of You

Written By: Luke Galloway

I'm running
I'm running faster
You're calling
You're calling after

A glimpse of what was lost
A touch of what was touched
I see

I fall and reach out to
The only thing i knew to save me

I see something so beautiful in you

I'm crawling
I'm crawling faster
You're waiting for me

I'm not a lonely friend
But I am a lonely love


Theories EP (2006)
Act I EP (2007)
Official Debut EP (coming summer 2008)

Set List

Kalvin Nova typically performs 1 set of original music that tends to run approximately 45 minutes to an hour. As with any original band, they are flexible with set lengths depending on the situation.