Kalweit and the Spokes

Kalweit and the Spokes

 Milano, Lombardy, ITA

Kalweit and the Spokes have a knack for uncovering odd worlds revolving around real situations, social/political, characters from the past or just the mundane. We're three experimentalists happy to spread the post punk/rock sound with intricate melodies and lyrics to refelect and groove on!


Kalweit and the Spokes is the name of the new project by Minneapolis singer Georgeanne Kalweit (previously Gi of the group DELTA V), drummer Leziero Rescigno and guitarist Giovanni Calella. A surprising search for a raw diamond amongst various music genres from “old school blues” and folk, to alternative-country and post-punk. The sound and mood created around the unusually low and intense voice of Georgeanne is their characteristic. The songs form intricate pathways which take their cues from reality and are at times inspired by mysterious characters that verge on the “legendary” such as silent film diva and icon Clara Bow (in “Clara Bow”), or by paintings by Edward Hopper (as in “New York Movie”).
The entire album reflects Italian and American social-political unrest, with occasional references to the “Far-west” as a metaphor for these turbulent times.
Even though Kalweit and the Spokes come from different areas of the Italian music scene (such as: La Crus, Amor Fou, Delta V and Vinicio Capossela), an understanding and alchemy was immediate and the songs bloomed in a very natural way.
Thanks to their own individual experiences in the visual arts, an attentive, hand-picked selection of images and film sequences complete the live “picture” and offer an evocative twist to the performances, not so much as an added feature but as an essential element for allowing the spectator to delve even further into the world created by the sounds and lyrics.
“Around the Edges”, the title song of the album, is a declaration of love for the burnt, semi-desert landscape of the South Eastern Italian area of Salento, which brings the American South West to mind.


FileUnder: AlternativeRock/FolkBlues

LP : around the edges - released january 2010
SINGLE: ice man