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The best kept secret in music


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Single released @ www.kalymusic.com
*Take A Look

Single(s) released @ BBC South Asian Network (Adil Ray Show - "Big One of the Week")
*Betcha Can't (2step)

Single(s) released @ BBC South Asian Network (Bobby Friction Show)
*Where I'm From
*She's Like the Wind
*I'm a Dreamer
*Wake Me Up
*The Substitute
*Paper Chase
*Coast 2 Coast

Single released on Playstation 3 game "Haze"
*War Outside

Single released on Coast 2 Coast Mixtape hosted by Mike Jones
*Coast 2 Coast


Feeling a bit camera shy


Grew up in the ghetto.
Dealt drugs to survive.
Got shot multiple times.

None of these are me.

I was born to an immigrant couple who came to this country with nothing but the clothes on their back and the determination to succeed. For most of my young childhood, as I was told, we survived on toast (with no butter) and the constant hum of a 7 inch black and white television. I am proud to say that both of my parents are driven individuals and they have allowed me to go from a situation of poverty to a situation of relative comfort during the course of my young-adult life.

Though most, including my parents, see hip-hop as an “art form” for troublemakers, I see it as a means of escape. Though my parents are successful, it is this very success that blocks their children from pursuing any sort of artistic, and thus, not secure, career. My entire culture is built on the concept of having a secure job and an education; it is insanely hammered into your brain that nothing short of being a Doctor, Engineer, or Lawyer will bring in the cash needed to be “happy”.

Musicians are ridiculed (unless you’re famous of course), and hip-hop musician even more so. Not only is the whole world against me when it comes to a rapper being of south-Asian descent, but so are my own people. What could I possibly know of hardship? What could I possibly know of struggle?

There are a lot of things in this world worse than growing up in impoverished conditions and I would never be ashamed of who I am or where I come from; even if that upbringing makes my dream of being a musician impossible. I don’t make music for myself, I make it for the millions of people like myself who feel like they’ve lost before they even start to pursue their dreams; for anyone who is stuck in the monotony of life because someone else dictates what their reality should be. I don’t just fight the misconceptions of what a hip-hop artist should be on a global level, I fight it daily with my parents and my peers; my music mirrors the struggles I see as well the struggles I am thankful to never have to see.