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Kalyi Jag

Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
Band World Folk


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"The legendary Kalyi Jag"

Some of these groups, like Kalyi Jag - Black Fire, led by Gusztav Varga - plough some of the fruits of their success back into educational projects to encourage younger Roma people to pick up the traditions that would otherwise be forgotten."

- BBC News World Edition -By Paul Vickers

"A different sound from Hungary"

"A different sound. The return of real gypsy music. The international breakthrough came first. Gypsy Folk Songs from Hungary album sold like mad (eventually, 2 million copies were sold) and suddenly, restaurant orchestras in Budapest started getting more and more request from foreign tourist to play "something like Kalyi Jag". The request became so frequent that the traditional musicians started turning to Mr. Gusztav Varga, asking him to teach them how. "

Business Hungary by Runa Hellinga September 2009
- Runa Hellinga-Business Hungary

"It helps to live and survive only."

We can not but respond to this authentic Gypsy music ’by crying or laughing, by making love, by throwing away and letting go.’ For we do have a fate and a destiny as well. Kaly Jag brings us a pristine Gypsy music that engages in merriment with tears, displays a tension of incredible energies, which you simply can’t resist but be enchanted.

You love that music owing to its simplicity, yet it permeates into your soul. It speaks of love, of coming across one another, of cheating, of sorrow. It does not pose, or provoke, and shies back from pretending. It is alive, passionate, outspoken. The music fails to make you start philosophizing and raising questions, it helps to live and survive only.

- Libri Sunny Sides

"Music from...their heart"

They are Hungary’s first band who sang their songs in gipsy language. Kalyi Jag was founded by young people from East Hungary, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, in 1978. The meaning of their name: black fire. Amongst the members we can find folk artists and lawyers besides musicians. Their aim was to mediate authentic gipsy culture and to keep their language alive. At the beginning they performed at youth clubs, workers’ hostels and cultural centers.
Their achievements were acknowledged in 1979 by the Young Master of Folk Arts title.
In 1980 they received an official license to perform from the National Directing Office.
Kalyi Jag and Béla Balogh dancer won the national talent competition on TV in 1983. Production company MAFILM commissioned the band to take part in the making of the film entitled Living Corpse. The Hungarian Television made a portrait film about them in the same year, celebrating the 5th anniversary of Kalyi Jag.
In 1981 and during the following three years they received a bench-mark award from the National Directing Office.
From the 80s, they regularly toured outside Hungary, every year participating in more and more tours. They traveled through the whole of Europe, they also performed in Cuba, Canada, the USA, Japan, South-Korea, China and India. They are regular guests of prominent festivals. They performed at WOMAD in 1992 in Denmark and at numerous World Gipsy Music and Dance Festivals.
In 1996 they received an invitation from the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra and the Chicago Symphonic Orchestra for a shared tour.
Prestigious TV companies made films about Kalyi Jag, such as BBC, RAI 2, ORF, ZDF, France 2, RTL, Music Television.
They received a World Music Megastar award as well as gold records and bench-mark prizes, awards from the European Youth Parliament, from the One World Group and a Europe award from Music Television. In 1996, Kalyi Jag Band and School were awarded with a For the Minorities Prize. Gusztáv Varga, artistic director of the band received the highest level of recognition from the Hungarian Republic. In 2001, they took home the great prize of Hungaroton Records.
Apart from performing they organize international gipsy music and dance workshops, they collect folk music and folk dances as well as operating a school through a foundation.
- Vidor-Sunshine 2006


1.Kalyi Jag - Fekete tûz - Black Fire
Label:Hungaroton 1987
01. Slow song from Szatmár
What're you looking for, brother
02. Rolled song from Szatmár
Make way, children
03. Slow rolled song from Szatmár
Our daughter-in-law was fair
04. Slow song from Szekszárd
May God be lucky
05. Rolled songs from Szekszárd
a) Follow me, girl
b) I've had a new cart made
06. Cavity (oral bass) improvisations
07. Rolled song from Szabolcs
The band played till the morning
08. Transdanubian slow song
What do I need that much money for
09. Rumanian Gypsy dance from the Balkans
10. Dance song from Nagyecsed
For forty-two nights
11. Fanny
12. Slow song from Szatmár
What's my young life
13. Rolled song from Nyírbátor
14. Stick dance tune from Szatmár
As many girls there were
15. Rolled song from Nagyecsed (1'37")
The duck goes in the water
16. Transdanubian slow song
Mother, mother
17. Rolled song from Nyírvasvári
Her soul is
18. Slow song from Nyírvasvári
Why should my mother die
19. Rolled dance song
I have a pipe and a hat

Label:Hungaroton 1989
1 She has a white dress (2´04")
Rolled song from Baks
Arranged by Ágnes Künstler
2 I have still a long way to go (2´41")
Slow song from Nyírvasvári
Arranged by Ágnes Künstler
3 My trousers are buttoned all along (2´10")
Rolled song from Békés county
Text by Gusztáv Varga
4 Lina (5´05")
Ballad from Mezõtúr
Arranged by Gusztáv Varga
5 Oh, my God, who is there (3´49")
Rolled dance song
Music and text by József Balogh
6 There are five potatoes in the pot (2´23")
Rolled song from Békés county
Arranged by Kalyi Jag Group
7 Get up, Gypsies (3´00")
Ballad from Békés county
Text by József Balogh
8 Shieve-makers do not drink wine (3´23")
Rolled song in Rumanian style
Arranged by Gusztáv Varga
9 My Heart Is Heavy (2´46")
Slow song from Szatmár county
Text and arranged by József Balogh
10 Give, woman, my stick to me (3´04")
Gypsy dance song from Rumania
Music by Gusztáv Varga
11 Oral bass improvisations (2´01")
12 Like birds (4´33")
Ballad in Balcan Gypsy style
Text by Gusztáv Varga
Arranged by Kalyi Jag Group
13 The devil has hidden in my stick (1´34")
Stick dance tune from Kántorjánosi
Text and arranged by Gusztáv Varga
14 I would eat salten onions (2´58")
Dance song of the trough-maker (Boyash) Gypsies
Arranged by József Balogh, Gusztáv Varga
15 Over there under a little tree (2´11")
Gypsy slow song from Transylvania
Arranged by Gusztáv Varga
16 Poor Joska (2´39")
Rolled song from Szatmár county
Arranged by Kalyi Jag Group
17 Song for Mercy (3´10")
Based on a Gypsy folk legend of Boyash Gypsies from Zala county.
Text collected by Jakab Orsós
Music by Gusztáv Varga
Arranged by Kalyi Jag Group

Total Time: 50´26

3. Karingszo me phirav / Amerre én járok / Where I come and go
Label: Hungaroton 1994
1. Where I come and go (3'20")
Slow song from Szatmár county
2. The slim woman is clever (2'37")
Rolled song from North-Eastern Hungary

3. Who love each other (3'20")
Rolled song
4. I am told to be (3'04")
Slow song
5. Once I saw a beautiful woman (2'28")
Rolled song
6. Beds made by whole world (2'08")
Oral bass improvisations with accompanying words

7. The jilted husband (4'08")
8 Ketri, Ketri (4'55")
Dance song in Balcan Gypsy style
9. Luma Maj (2'58")
Ballad in Russian Gypsy style
10. Flowery ditch (3'05")
Slow song from Lovár
11. The heart-whole love (3'03")
Dance song
12. Rolled song of 'Filtus' (2'26")
Rolled song from Baks
13. 'Luck for you' (4'40")
Rolled song from North-Eastern Hungary
14. My moustache stands out (2'28")
Stick dance tune
15 The merriness (2'50")
Rolled song
16. The lads of Szatmár county (4'30")
Selection of Gypsy dance tunes from Szatmár county

Duration (52'26")

4. O Suno / The Dream / Az Álom
1. Aj Dölálé Muro Trajo 4:16
2. O Kamado Brigasa 3:05
3. É Choxanyi 2:40
4. De Mardjas Man O Del 4:19
5. Mori Shej, Szabina 3:57
Voice - Anikó Balogh* , Mária Balogh* , Tünde Balogh
6. Na Shinger Tut Shej 2:41
7. Táncos Jani 3:15
8. Phirav Mange 3:20
9. O Suno 4:13
Double Bass - Pál Havasréti
10. E Shukar Shej 2:45
Voice - Anikó Balogh* , Mária Balogh* , Tünde Balogh*
11. Mangajipo 2:35
12. Dijéj Mama 3:46
13. É Ratyuné Jákhengi Ági 3:03 Double Bass - Pál Havasréti
14. Khelimasko Shavo 3:20
Double Bass - Pál Havasréti 15. La Ratyake Sheja 3:04 Double Bass - Pál Havasréti

5.Cigányszerelem -Romano Kamipo - Gipsy Love
Label: Kalyi G+A Production 1998
1. CD ROM track
2. Black Lover (2'23")
3. Bring Me My God (3'54")
4. My Guitar (2'18")
5. My Little Girl (3'20")
6. This Boy Is Cunning (3'10")
7. The Knife Grinder (2'14")
8. The Mother Is Crying (4'30")
9. Let's Go Dancing (2'26")
10. My Little Worn Wagon (2'46"



Kalyi Jag „Black Fire” was formed in 1978 by a group of young Roma educators and musicians united by a passion to preserve and promote authentic Roma folklore and language through lyrics and music. The Kalyi Jag has formed a unique way of performing, by means of which it can be unmistakably distinguished from the other Gypsy groups. Mr. Gusztav Varga has revived a musical, the Roma Legend, written and composed by him. First time this musical puts on show the unique history of the Gypsy people, their culture, myth and migration, with original music and spectacular dances. Apart from performing they organize international gipsy music and dance workshops, they collect folk music and folk dances as well as operating a school through a foundation. Over the past three decades Kalyi Jag (World Music Megastar, MTV Music European Prize Winner) has not only become one of the most internationally acknowledged representatives of the original Hungarian Gypsy musical tradition, but has demonstrated, as well, a commitment to fostering Roma social equality through focused patronage of educational and cultural programs. The Kalyi Jag Roma Minority Art High Schools which helps to bring Roma into the mainstream educational system.