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Kalyko is a very high energy artist that expresses his music in his stage shows. Some compare Kalyko to Lil Wayne because of his energy and work ethic, others compare him to Jay Z for his ability to write in his head and his versatilities in the booth. Nonetheless,they all Love Kalyko


Kalyko will bring a new sound that no one can resist. His www.myspace.com/kalkothastoopkidd plays are outstanding and everyone has been expressing the Love for his sound. "I'm looking to take the game to a whole other level, I'm looking to put my city on the map. My goal is to bring a new sound and new look that will last throughout change in the industry."

Keeping all bangers and hits Kalyko is the next big thing coming. Ladies love him and the fellas rock wit him. Seeking longevity in the industry is all he can ask for. "I can't be a one hitter, I make hit after hit. I'm ready to rock the world." His very high anticipated solo album entitled "Stackin Season" is set to drop July 1, 2009.

Stackin season is all year for Kalyko and he can only stack higher. The album will feature a select few artists and great production from two of the nations hottest producers Sparkz tha Trackman and Mac-Niff. "I'm my own man, I make music for myself to listen to, it just so happens the world rocks with me at the same time. I'm different than a lot of rappers because I ain't stunting bout nothing to please nobody, I do me. Music is me, my lyrics are ridiculous and my beats are nothing but bangers. I get it in," kalyko states after being asked about his style. "I'm ready to set the city on fire and rock the world with this real Cincinnati music. “Love me or hate me, Kalyko will Get It!”


1. "Get It" - Reached top10on billboard charts for Physical and digital sales.
Recieved over 3500 spins at internet radio
Club play in Ohio is at all time high for crowd repsonse

2. iRock
3. Bounce
4. Sidekick
5. Lay It down

All are available wherever digital downloads are sold

Set List

7 - 10 Min medley of 5 songs and full single of "Get It"