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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | SELF

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Best Mixtape of 09!!!!"

This is the best mixtape of 09 guaranteed! From track one to 14 the hits just keep coming! Dont believe me take a listen and I'm sure you will want to cop two copies one for the ride and one for the house! Hell buy a few for your friends too. - Finesse

"Rapquest: Cincinnati, OH"

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
OZONE Magazine was on the set of Kalyko Video Shoot which was a huge success at the Garage in Cincinnati Ohio. There were quite a few local artists on the set including Black-Jackk, Cash Connection, Beat Game, DJ Skinny Fresh,
DJ Easz, and The Man responsible for breaking Kalyko’s single “Get It,” DJ Skinny Fresh.


Get It EP and Str8 Drop EP Both available on Itunes and all other digital download sites including best buy. Get It is available for both streaming and radio airplay.



Kalyko is MORE THAN JUST A RAPPER, HE IS AN ENTERTAINER; he writes all his own lyrics and hooks. It's the drive and determination Kalyko bring to the table that makes him different than any other. He lives by the fresh and fly image. Always focused and thinking of new hooks to sale to other aspiring artist . "This is what i do, I love this music, its in my veins. I bleed music verses and music notes." Kaly has been grinding for years now and it's finally his turn to show the world that Hard Werk is like no other.

Kalyko was born in England on a military base on March 5, 1986. Soon moved to Cincinnati where is family originated from within a few months. Currently located in Cincinnati and rocking clubs everywhere. Kalyko actually started rapping during elementary school, where he always was in trouble for banging on table, beat bopping and rapping. He started to see music as a way out of everything. Around age 12 he started recording in his own bathroom and selling mix tapes through out his city. Meeting with producer Sparkz at age 13, is what really topped everything off and the movement began.

Kalyko started a group titled Triple Threat in 1999, which consisted of former partners but still close friends Joe Kidd and Shank. Putting together plenty of mix tapes selling them to kids at school Kaly actually started to realize he could pursue and achieve his dream. During high school years is actually where his buzz started to spread through out Cincinnati. Seeing that he was young and own his own he had a lot to prove. Networking with businesses and people he has met alot of obstacles because of his age and inexperience trying to do things on his own. In 2004, Kalyko and Sparkz formed the group Clapp Squad which they dropped the albums "Hood Life" on Reddmouth Entertainment and also "Take 2." Selling over 8,000 copies throughout the city and he didn't even drive. "We used to catch bus to malls and schools just to promote. I remember getting kicked out of mall several times trying to promote myself." Clapp Squad is still their alias but Hard Werk is his group's name. It still consist of Kalyko, Sparkz, and Vino. In 2006, they dropped self titled mix tape Hard Werk hosted by DJ Dimepiece of Core Dj's and 101.1 the Wizf, moving over 15,000 copies out of his book bag and trunk. "I chose name Hard Werk because we are hard work, we work hard at all time the grind don't stop, and it takes hard work to get that hard work. Making hits is what we do and speaking to the ladies is what I do best, kaly says." But consistently grinding and working for his spot has made him what he is today. Taking nothing for granted and always striving for the best is whats going to take him to the top.

"I just love what I do and I have fun." Making music is what makes him feel complete even if he doesn't get rich. Working with others and allowing himself to be taught has really brought him a long way. His music speaks for it self. "I never rapped about something I don't have, haven't done, or won't do. That's why in my music I don't talk about jewelry and driving Benz's. I keep it all the way hood for my fans. I want people to listen to my songs and feel me. understand where I'm coming from because they have had the same life experiences." When he performs he does it. Taking his shirt off, calling any and all ladies to the stage to "Get It" which is the title to his hard hitting single.

Kaly started to really perform and make appearances on a daily basis in 2006, where he would do alot of opening acts and some features. Cincinnati is a hard crowd to manage and he is doing it without any frustration. All the dj's show him love. Currently he is featured on at least 4 songs in club"It's lots of major artist coming to the city and can't move our crowd but I find it easy because I know exactly what the people want. Plenty of local artist are rocking our crowds and clubs making me wonder why no ones looking here. I love my city and I'm sure we will pop as long as we stick together." Rolling and banging his single "Get It" which is on several radio stations, satellite radio, mix tapes around country and Music Choice channels. Kalyko will bring a new sound that no one can resist. His myspace plays are outstanding and everyone shows him love.

"I'm looking to take the game to a whole other level, I'm looking to put my city on the map. My goal is to bring a new sound and new look that will last throughout change in the industry." Keeping all bangers and hit Kaly is the next big thing coming. Ladies love him and the fellas rock wit him. Seeking longevity in the industry is all he can ask for. "I can't be a one hitter, i make hit after hit. I'm ready to rock the world." His very high anticipated solo album entitled "Stackin Season" is set to drop Spring 2010. Stackin season is all year for him and he can only stack higher. The album will feature a select few of artist and production from two of the nations hottest producers Sparkz tha T