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Kamafei reaches an other goal titled “RISPETTO”, the new discographic work and a new live show. Respect for the earth, respect for the tradition, respect for the tambourine, respect for the innovation, respect for the electronic , respect for the old singers, respect for the new audience. From Bossa to Reggae, from Rock to Ska and hip-hop, from Spain to Africa to Salento, all sustained by the traditional salentinian instrument: the tambourine, which mixes the modern sounds, and the electronic and electrical instruments. Vocal melodies beware of tradition but ready to contaminate and to meet the other modern styles. “Rispetto” contains two important featurings : Sud Sound System and Uccio aloisi.
KamaFei is a compound word in Greek dialect meaning "flowing heat", the heat that flows in our
veins in every season; the heat that we try to transmit to the audience,and that they give back to
us, in concerts becoming enthralling, frenzied parties. Kamafei's new show is enjoyable, intense,
innovative, and yet it never loses the sound of tradition. Through their music you will understand
their bonds to tradition, to their land, as well as their need and desire to discover other cultures and
other musical experiences.
In KamaFei's show, you can meet the force of the overwhelming traditional sonorities of Salento,
represented by Antonio Melegari, and contaminated by Stefano Calò's passion for Spain as well as
by the different Mediterranean influences of the strings of his guitar; the whole energized by the
frenzied rhythm of the tambourine, the rhythmic power of Marco Nuzzo's drum and Dino D's vocal
melodies linked to modern hip-hop and reggae style.
This is dance music pure and simple. But KamaFei also add influences of reggae, dub, rock,
flamenco and hip hop to create their untamed, infectious, unique sound. With the utmost respect
for their tradition, KamaFei also make use of technology, yet with no exaggeration and always with
a harmonious musical balance.
KamaFei's members have taken part, also individually, in many important projects and performed
on the stage of "La notte della Taranta", together with the memorable singer-songwriter Uccio
Aloisi, in the editions orchestrated by Joe Zawinul, Mauro Pagani and Ludovico Einaudi; they have
been the authors of special musical projects for the festival “La Notte della Taranta”.
Besides performing in Italy, they played on important stages in France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, New York, Cape Verde islands, Spain, the Azores, Greece,
Morocco, Israel, Brazil, Malaysia, Belgio.
In their musical career, they have collaborated or shared the stage with many important, both locally and internationally renowned musicians: Uccio Aloisi, Pino Zimba, 'E Zezi, Otello Profazio, Davide Van De Sfross, Sud Sound System, Mimmo Epifani, Moni
Ovadia, Apres La Classe , Ipercussonici, La Jambre, Alessandro Mannarino, ecc.
In May 2008, Antonio Melegari performed on the stage of NEGRAMARO in San Siro as a member
of the tambourine section, together with Antonio Castrignanò and Mauro Pagani, who accompanies Negramaro in their track "Giuliano poi sta male".
In December 2008 Kamafei recorded the track Moroloi-Matre for the contemporary art exhibition "IL TERZO PARADISO" of MICHELANGELO PISTOLETTO, and “MAMA”, a “sound-sculpture” by GIANNA NANNINI. This exhibition was created in 2005 in San Servolo isle, on the occasion of the Venice Biennal Exhibition of Modern Art.
KamaFei took part, with Modena City Ramblers, in the 1st May event in Coppito (L'Aquila): a day dedicated to the people made homeless by the earthquake in L'Aquila.
In June 2009 the band performed the song "Vieni a ballare in Puglia" with Caparezza at
They performed in the festival "Les traversées de Tathiou" in Normandy in August 2010, where they shared the stage with ORCHESTRA POPOLARE ITALIANA (Italian Popular Orchestra) conducted by Ambrogio Sparagna.
KamaFei's important events: "Rainforest" Music Festival in MALAYSIA; Sete Sois Sete Luas Brazil, Portogallo, Spagna, Grecia, ecc.

Melegari: Voice, Accordion, Tambourine
Dino D: Voice, effects, sequencer
Stefano Calò: Classic Guitar, electric guitar
Marco Nuzzo: Drum