Toledo, Ohio, USA
BandHip Hop

KAMAL is very unique in his approach to ministry, yet he remains relevant to the culture. He is a great performer and a minister of the gospel, and will do whatever it takes to make your event a sucessful one. He loves to teach the word, and is available to do bible study workshops, and concerts.


KAMAL is very unique in his style and approach to ministry, yet he remains relevant while many others copy what’s popular in the culture. He's always on the grind, rocking and pushing shows, recording new heat, as well as running his studio and the movement called RhymeCorp. RhymeCorp is a muti-faceted movement made up of various artist's and talents. This ministry does host various events across the nation and soon the world. KAMAL loves to reach out to those that get overlooked, because he was one of those individuals. When he was just a few months old he was abandoned in his baby crib by his mother who was a drug addict. KAMAL was rescued and adopted before the age of two years old and raised by devout Christians. Despite his history KAMAL began drinking heavily in his sophomore year of high school, which later led to dealing drugs. The drug dealing continued until he was thirty years old, and he was faced with eleven years in prison because of it. He made a promise to God that if he was released from jail while awaiting trial that he would at least go to church. Tears ran down KAMAL’s face as the preacher delivered the message titled “You Can turn your life around" KAMAL rededicated his life to Christ,and God did turn his life around. KAMAL now follows Jesus and serves him whole heartily, and he only looks back so that he may share his testimony of where God brought him from.


KAMAL has worked closely with and shared stages with K-Drama of Cross Movement Records, Manchild, and Playdough to name a few. His former release droped in 2009 called "The 7th Season" 18 songs and is available @ itunes and your typical online company's. Now in January 2011 KAMAL is dropping“The Midwest Rhyme Collab” which features various artists and media based talents coming together for one cause, which is to bring glory to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

KAMAL presents The Midwest Rhyme Collab, has hard hitting beats and rhymes with a gospel message. The producers are from all over the country and the emcees are from the Midwest (with the exception of a special guest appearance by Playdough and Jacob Izrael). This fifteen track album tactfully blends the underground hip hop feel with the more commercial sound which is almost unheard of. This is an album this everyone can enjoy. It’s very fun, raw, and speaks life to your spirit. The MRC has production from producers like K-Drama of Cross Movement Records and Thought P of Apex Projects which makes this album really hit hard on the beats!! Some of the features include, Othello, Bumps INF, Mouth Warren, RhymeCorp, Jacob Izrael, Playdough and many more. You don’t want to miss out on this unique bangin album and rest assured that this is not the end.