The music is uplifting, sang mostly in Swahili- my native tongue. Some of it is inspirational, and alot of it will simply get you on your feet or bopping your head! African music is beautiful, and I strive to celebrate it's authenticity!


Kambua was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Her gift of music was evident from a very tender age, and her father nicknamed her, "Kasuni"(Kamba for bird). He said she was his song bird. True to this, Kambua’s love for music has grown into a strong passion over the years. In 2002 Kambua joined Eneza, a Praise Band at Parklands Baptist Church, where she served for close to four years. Kambua first graced the Kenyan Music scene in 2004 with her song ‘Amani’ (peace). Produced by Jonah Uzele and Co-written by Mbuvi and Kaberere. She was awarded 'Best Solo Vocalist' in a competition sponsored by an Italian NGO, and run by Radio Waumini. Kambua has worked as a Back Ground Vocalist for various artists, including Mbuvi, Bahati, and Kavutha. Through Ogopa Deejays, she began to do jingles for commercials, such as 'Sunlight' and 'Delmonte'. In 2005, Kambua worked as an actress for Heartstrings Ensemble, featuring in shows such as 'Funny Business’ and 'Something’s Burning'. In December 2005, Kambua left for Canada, to pursue a BA in Music at Ambrose University, her major being Classical Voice. She has been a member of the Legacy Youth Conference (LYC) band, in Calgary, Alberta. In the summer of 2007, Kambua completed a Performance Program at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. NISHIKILIE (hold on to me) - the 9 track gospel album, is a fusion of various genres of music. It is an album birthed out of pain, and total dependence on God. With lots in store that will reflect the growth of this young artist, “The sky is not the limit”, she says. “There are no limits to what you can do when you are set free”!


Ngoma Tucheze
Tandia Wanda

These are some of the tracks that are currently receiving airplay in East Africa.

Set List

A typical set list would be : Ngoma Tucheze, Nimeokoka, Nishikilie, Nimkimbilie Nani, and Tandia Wanda.