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New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

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Imagine one sound combining the edge of rock riffs, the adventurousness of pop sonic aesthetics, the emotional impact of soul music's vocal delivery, and the energy of hip-hop. Well, that sound is a reality with the rising singer-songwriter, KAMEKO. Inspired by the lyrical musings of John Lennon, musical dexterity of Prince, and the vibrancy of Michael Jackson's electric performances, KAMEKO is undoubtedly the torch bearer to several musical traditions.

Born in Baltimore and making a name for himself in New York City, this rising artist has already had the career experiences of a true veteran. After appearing in several Broadway shows, being signed to a major label, and starring in a television series, KAMEKO is now ready to transform the music world with his forthcoming release, Keys to Paradise.

Most recently, he's been on the 'Peace Revolution Tour' helping to raise support for Presidential candidate Barack Obama, gearing up for an appearance on the show, Producer's Diary, with Chaka Khan, and much more.

Sixshot recently chatted with KAMEKO and to put it shortly, we got up close and personal with music's future.

Sixshot.com: When did you realize that you wanted to be a singer?

KAMEKO: I realized that I wanted to be a singer when I went to a concert and Johnny Gill came out. I knew that was what I wanted to do from that point on. It was just the magic of the vocal strength and the way that it penetrated my spirit. I knew that it was magical and a gift to be ale to communicate that way to someone with a song. Then I discovered that I had a similar gift and I focused on developing it after that.

Sixshot.com: You've opened for Toni Braxton, Mary J. Blige and a host of others. How were those experiences?

KAMEKO: It was amazing. Again, those are amazing vocalists so it was like a learning experience for me. It was really cool to see them at work. What I got from the experience overall was that the foundation is very important. It's not necessarily the artist themselves but the background and support system—without that there would be no Mary J. Blige and no Toni Braxton. So I learned the importance of having a strong team.

Sixshot.com: You were formerly signed to Black Kat which is a division of Sony. What did you learn from that experience?

KAMEKO: The experience was great. I learned a lot about the type of artist that I wanted to be. When going into the contract I didn't really know who I was at the time and creatively I had a lot of ideas. I knew I wanted to be different but I hadn't grown enough spiritually. I hadn't matured enough to really express it. So that experience really grew me up fast and showed me the ins and outs of the industry.

Sixshot.com: What inspired the image change from your EP Evalt to your current image?

KAMEKO: It wasn't etched in stone and I was still searching. I knew that I was being used but I didn't know the best way to deliver what exactly I was being used to put out. I didn't know how I was to be packaged and what the presentation was going to be at the time. So the development was easy for me because it was still part of the growing process.

Sixshot.com: What challenges do you face now as an indie artist?

KAMEKO: The authenticity. I find it to be challenging to be authentic 'cause right now everything in music is so cookie cutter. On a daily basis I see more and more artists compromising or running to the safety net. All the male R&B signers are cutting their hair and wearing the same thing and singing the same tracks. It's like when are we gonna branch out and do something a little different. So I think being different is scary. For me not being scared to be different and wanting to push the buttons as an indie artist makes it even more difficult.

Sixshot.com: "Tired of Being Broke," speaks about poverty and we currently have an economic downturn so it's very timely.

KAMEKO: It was written when I was like 16. It's amazing to me how I wrote about something that I thought was prevalent then, and it's even more prevalent now because of the recession we could be facing. The song is based on my struggle after high school moving to New York and not really having money. I used to go to Central Park West and look at the penthouses and meditate on that. But the song was already written before my experience and I made some adjustments to the song since then. Those adjustments are mainly experiences I've had along the way and seeing people struggle and so on and so forth.

Sixshot.com: When referring to your songs you speak about them as if you're simply a vessel. So what's your creative process when writing songs?

KAMEKO: It's strictly meditative. I'm a strong believer that I don't write the songs. They come to me and I wait on the creator to tell me the next step after that.

Sixshot.com: You seem to have a strong spiritual connection. What led to this development?

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Still working on that hot first release.



Stars are thought to exist outside the confines of reality in a mystical world with endless possibilities. Stars bring light, warmth, and vitality. Conceived on earth and arriving via the Milky Way is KAMEKO; a superstar of radiant energy, dynamic talent, and vibrant luminosity ready to propel the music industry out of this world with a unique fusion of rock, pop, soul, and hip-hop. In fact, the only label, which can accurately describe KAMEKO is one that he coined himself - Evalt, meaning evolutionary alternative music.
KAMEKO's debut, Keys to Paradise, fulfills its promise of Evalt with the edge of rock riffs, the adventurousness of pop sonic aesthetics, the emotional impact of soul music's vocal delivery, and the energy of hip-hop; leaving listeners eager as to where their ears will go next. Inspired by the lyrical musings of John Lennon, musical dexterity of Prince, and the vibrancy of Michael Jackson's electric performances, KAMEKO is undoubtedly the torch bearer to several musical traditions; bringing forth the light of music's rich historical galaxy of stars. His voice has been described by Rolling Out Magazine as "holy incantations" and provides the genesis for his compositions, which are wrought with honesty and emotion. His self-penned lyrics reflect a young man's journey through life's ups and downs.
The passing of KAMEKO's mother, his first musical teacher, brought a new sense of urgency for the artist. After appearing off-Broadway in The Wiz and touring Europe, he learned of his mother's death while in London and became determined to return to his first love, music. "My mother used to sing to me all the time-jazz, spirituals, everything," recalls KAMEKO, "With her passing, I reconnected with what's important in life, relationships with ourselves, with others, and with the world. I discovered that life can change so quickly and I'm determined more than ever to live to the fullest and to make sure that I give out loving vibrations daily."
KAMEKO's vibrations have been felt by the likes of Toni Braxton, Vanessa Williams and Mary J Blige for whom he opened. In addition, he has collaborated with Erykah Badu, Lenny Kravitz, and recently sparked the interest of Michael Jackson, recording a track called Down and Out with the King of Pop. His album is slated for release in the third quarter of 2009 on TarPaul Records. The Evalt revolution is about to begin, with KAMEKO leading the way. Open your eyes, face the sun, and embrace the light of a true and original star. Are you ready for the musical upheaval?