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Kamèl – (pronounced – Kah• mel) - If you have not heard of her yet, guarantee it is only a matter of time before you will. Kamèl is a self motivated ball of fire that has everyone talking. She has gained great respect for her hard work and dedication day in and day out, both here in the States and overseas. Based out of Ohio, this sensuous songbird has a soothing sound with an undeniably beautiful look, but do not be fooled, this diva has major energy, attitude and spice to deliver a slamming performance. Driven by passion and blessed with incredible musical ability, this multi-talented beauty is determined to make her mark in the industry; as she not only sings, but also writes and arranges all of her songs, acts & models. Her creativity constantly amazes the producers she works with, as she naturally becomes one with the music and scripts. They quote, She is definitely slick with it and extremely easy to work with. Sure she can speak of how the talent of Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross and many more, have had influence on her career; as they have, but her greatest inspiration comes from her own mother and father. Her mother danced and shared the stage with icons such as: The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Dionne Warwick and even performed in front of Dick Clark; while her father was locally known for leading a Rock band that performed sensational live shows. So you guessed it, she too fell in love with music and entertainment. Has it always peaches and cream, happy go lucky for this rising star? Absolutely not, but it was the times of having only beans & rice and community cheese to eat growing up day after day, being in a controlled, mentally abusive relationship, and the emotional ups and downs of life that fuel her energy and strength today. Initially, Kamèl was working with other artist creating hooks, singing background vocals, and arranging melodies for their recordings; then as she owned her craft, she felt it was time to begin a solo career. Since then, she became a member of BMI; produced an independent album; began performing at local clubs, special events, concert venues, and musical conferences amongst artist such as: Michelle Williams, Trinity 5:7, Mr. Del, and more. Kamèl has also been noticed for her leading role in a stage play entitled, She has got the stuff. It would make you laugh till you cried! Since then, she was recruited as the lead vocalist for a live band that rocked Columbus and the surrounding areas, but her destiny continued to knock. Gaining much attention all over the world for her original material, she knew she had to continue her solo journey and give her fans what they truly wanted to hear; and that is words from her heart. Kamèl has such a swagger about her, fans quote. She is extremely marketable and we truly believe it is only a matter of time before the world takes notice. Soon we will look up and see her on TV and hear her on all the radios. Trust, it ¡s only a matter of time. One of her greatest qualities that we all have grown to love is her heart. She is such a sweet and energetic person that everyone tends to gravitate towards her; people simply love being around Kamèl. She is also admired for ability to transform. At times she keeps it soft, grown and sexy to compliment her smooth vocals; but other times she rocks the crowd with a blazin' beat, high energy and even throws in a hot rap every now and then. Although she is her own person, look-wise, many tend to say she draws comparison to that of Kelly Rowland. Bottom-line, she definitely has the magic and is mainstream, radio ready. Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop; what more can you ask for? Now if you were to ask Kamèl what artist she truly respects and admires (outside of Alicia Keys), she will tell you Missy Elliott; reason being, she absolutely loves her creativity, multi-talent and abilities. She quotes, "Missy Elliott is not like every other artist out there, she always stands out because she remains unique and true to herself. Her videos you will not forget, her performances you will not forget; and that same quality I want to always possess. Kamèl is loved and admired by many all over the world for her unforgettable face, sweet spirit, remarkable talent, and is positively believed to be the new face/voice of Pop, Hip-Hop & R&B. She is TOMORROW!