It's a popular traditional algerian music, Chaabi. Kamel's father is Dahmane El Harrachi, the original author of "Ya Rayah" covered by Rachid Taha (wich song made the turn of the planet)....On stage Kamel El Harrachi makes us share what is for him of the domain of family tradition.


By every aspects, Kamel looks like his father, Dahmane El-Harrachi, creator of Ya Rayah (wich became a worlwide tune thanks to its covered version by Rachid Taha) of whom he is indeed the elder son.
Born in Algeria in 1973, Kamel kept on walking through his father's steps since his childhood.
Open to other styles, he couldn't get bored listening to other emblematic figures of the chaâbi, popular urban style that spouted out of the casbah of Algier in the 40's, like Hadj M’rizek, el-Hachemi Guerouabi, Amar Ezzahi or Bouadjadj to get a better taste of their art.
In 1991, Kamel takes the name of El-Harrachi to perpetuate his memory, records his first tape at Afric-Audio in Douéra, nearby Algier, where one can enjoy two unreleased titles from him.
This boy, as discrete as efficient, has almost the same mandole play as his father, but a rather less rocky voice.
In 1994, he goes on exile to France, and just like his father, starts to perform in Parisian caffés to end up on huge stages such as 'le Printemps de Bourges'.
He goes on, far away from any media hype, with a musical career which makes the delights of a whole audience.
In the last few months, he finaly went back in studios.
One can imagine the impatience of his numerous fans, because his talent, his instrumental mastering and his good scenic behaviour are just out of the ordinary. Moreover, he excels in all the chaâbi styles.

You can see à VIDEO of Kamel On Stage at the BABEL MED MUSIC 2009 in the my space : www.myspace.com/kamelelharachi


National Released of his First album "Ghana Fenou" in May 25th 2009 - Mosaic Music Distribution.

Set List

Traditional chaabi list.
During about 1H30
Typical Set List :
Ghana fenou - 5.38
Walahi Madrit - 7.17
Ma Yest'has Beldjamra - 5.40
Khoudi Rahtek - 5.44
El Barani - 5.05
Hyati Maâk - 5.01
Ya Hlilou - 7.05
Ila Tebghi - 5.58
Ch'hal aâyit Mesbar - 6.23
Ya Rayah - 4.38