Kamikaze Baby

Kamikaze Baby

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

The one fairytale your mommy never had the heart to read to you before bedtime....


From the first time Jules and Rob sat down to write the strung out verse to Tango Politico, it was clear Kamikaze Baby was going to be a difficult band to pin down.

What started out as the 'soundtrack to classy porn' in late 2004 morphed into spacey jam-funk to some and a modern rock symphony to others, leaving one local critic to point out it was "satisfying to find a group that's hard to compare to others" before naming Kamikaze Baby Montreal Mirror 'Noisemakers' for 2007. No small feat for a local band that had sold close to 1500 copies of their first two demos without distribution and built a loyal following through several self-booked tours in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes.

After parting way with several band mates that same year, the duo locked themselves away and started dreaming up their first full-length album. Scrawled on crumpled sheets of paper and scattered over tangled wires, empty hallways and bottomless pits of conversation, uptown VineRise would unfold over the next year and a half and was eventually mixed by Glen Robinson (Tea Party, Voivod) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, the Mars Volta and the White Stripes).

It was released online on the first day of Spring 2008, charted on Canadian college radio and eventually earned the praise of several Montreal media outlets, including an Album of the Year nod. Although the latest reincarnation of Kamikaze Baby would be selected to play the Envol et Macadam Festival in Quebec City, the band is only now gearing up for a full-fledged album launch and tour in Spring 2010.


That Day

Written By: Robert Scalia, Giulio Pampena

grab that sunshine
coming through the window
turn clouds inside out
watch the grass grow

that day

part time mastermind
slacking overtime
for a five way holiday
in the confines of this
highrise compromise
overworked and undersized
mayday i can't explain
coming in and out of phase

that day
lost in conversation
some say
watching the grass grow greener
not up
to your expectations
fly straight
avoid any open windows

that day
for your information
was my way
watching the grass grow greener
not up
to your expectation
fly straight
into the clearest window

Fly on the wall

Written By: Robert Scalia, Giulio Pampena

don't you know that i'm always a mess

a stain you can't wash out
never clean up right
there all the time

but you know that i'll always come through


you should know that i'm always a mess

a stain you can't wash out
never clean up right
there all the time

be my fly on the wall
what do you see
is it too close to call
tell me
what can i say
i'm only here when i'm running away
what can i say
we never change
just forget we're the same
what can i say

i'm only here when i'm running away

Barrel of Monkeys

Written By: Robert Scalia, Giulio Pampena

hanging out with the crowd is so easy
counted every crack in the ceiling
mind of i come along

so how you been, same old shit, different story
not so bad, could be worse, christ i’m boring
my my
where does the time go

lots of snakes but no sign of a ladder
lots of fakes but it don’t seem to matter
mind of i tag along

clinging on to the crowd ain’t so easy
swinging over a barrel of monkeys
makes me

feels a little too much like yesterday
just a touch too mechanical
make a wish and pull every which way
love it when you’re predictable



1. Wipe that grin
2. that day
3. Barrel of Monkeys
4. Tripping all over myself
5. Friendly Fire
6. time's a wasting
7. Fly on the wall
8. At a Loss
9. there goes the neighbourhood
10. Wipe that grin 2
11. Running on Empty
12. For the life of me
13. maybe that's just me


1. Flirt with the Devil
2. Bombs Away
3. False Alarm
4. Time's a Wasting
6. Soundtrack to your own Unraveling
7. Gettaway

self titled EP (2004)

1. Tango Politico
2. Lover in a Deja Vu
3. Guardian Angel
4. Chasing Boomerangs
5. Exit Strategy

Set List

Kamikaze Baby's live performance can range anywhere from a half hour (opening slot) to an hour and a half. (headlining slot).

UptownVineRise Setlist:

that day
Barrel of Monkeys
Tripping all over myself
Friendly Fire
time's a wasting
Fly on the Wall
At a Loss
there goes the neighbourhood
Running on empty
For the life of me
maybe that's just me

Soundtrack to your own unraveling
Tango Politico