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"Interview with Elmo Kamikaze"

1. How did you get your band name?

I tend to say that it was given to us. A gift from above. We are kings without crowns. This band name really came out of the blue. All of a sudden it was there and we feel entitled to use this name for our band. It expresses our lifestyle and the state of our mindset. We have the courage and the stamina to conquer the world with our music…and we do it Kamikaze style... - AbsolutePunk.net

"A band that understands how to get their name out there with the power of glam, but at the same time makes the music to back it up."

The reason for the title is quite simple. I listened, watched, and studied the Kamikaze Kings and I just don’t know. I know I like their music, but I don’t know if they are serious about what they do and are marketing geniuses or just some guys trying to fuck with the heads of metal fans.

I tend to lean on my first assumption because after listening to the hard rock glam inspired anthem “Boys N Men” and the sharp edged ballad “Dream is Dead” I believe Kamikaze Kings are the real deal that have taken the KISS marketing plan and blended it with the antics of Steel Panther.

Their album “The Law” is dropping near the end of the summer and I have to say it will have to be check out. If you disagree just look at the pics in the article. Their look is the obvious elephant in the room, but believe it or not their musical chops will make you forget the cock shells and make up.

www.kamikazekings.de will give you more in depth information on these Berlin glammers, but it’s hard to say if any of it is real. Their names are Elmo, Rais, Randy, and Kev; all ending with the name Kamikaze. I will have to see birth certificates, but the same could be said to others; right Rikki Rocket!

My best advice is head over to the website and put their music first. If you’re put off by their look you are truly missing out on something we haven’t had in a long time. A band that understands how to get their name out there with the power of glam, but at the same time makes the music to back it up.

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I’m sure we will have more on these crazy bastards when “The Law” drops in August.

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Martell - Welovemetal.com

"All hail the black leather!"

Alter Schwede, in welche Zeitmaschine bin ich denn da gefallen? Haben ein paar Groupies von MÖTLEY CRÜE ihre Kinder aus dem Gatter gelassen? Nichts dergleichen, vier Berliner haben sich lediglich entschlossen, ein neues Zeitalter des Nietenrocks einzuläuten. Gut, es ist jetzt nicht so, als wäre diese Idee besonders originell und eigentlich herrschte in Fachkreisen allgemeiner Konsens, dass das Revival des HALFORDtums schon wieder vorbei sei. Aber wenn ein paar Jungs (tschuldigung, Männer natürlich) ihre Sache so überzeugend rüberbringen, gilt es, diese Erkenntnis zu revidieren. „The Law“ ist nämlich thematisch und inhaltlich purer Rock: „Saturday Night Hero“, „Burn Baby Burn“, „Boys'n'Men“ – geballte Männlichkeit, gepaart mit Glam, Nieten und der unausweichlichen Vorliebe für stampfende Drums, fette Riffs und tiefergelegtem Gesang. Für die unter euch, denen dieses Gehabe schon immer zu machohaft oder lächerlich vorkam, werden auch die KAMIKAZE KINGS ein rotes Tuch bleiben. Aber wer ein wenig Schwermut nach der alten Zeit hat, gerne die erwähnten CRÜE, TWISTED SISTER oder MOTÖRHEAD hört, darf ruhig mal ein Ohr riskieren. All hail the black leather! - SLAM Magazine (print) - 8/10 Points


The Law - 31st August 2012 - Limited Access Records



KAMIKAZE KINGS: Best Rock ‘n‘ Roll Extravaganza ever!!!

For months the underground has been rumbling about a very special thing that grows in the windy alleys of Berlin. For some, KAMIKAZE KINGS are the German answer to Steel Panther, others think of them as a mangy mix of Peter Pan Speedrock and Mötley Crüe! Led by vocalist Elmo Kamikaze, a cross-breed of “The Rock“ and “Rob Halford“, KAMIKAZE KINGS are one of the fewer bands, which you just have to notice shortly and will never forget!

Finally the time has come on August, 31st! The long expected debut album “The Law“ will be released through Limited Access Records! “The Law“ was produced by the heavy rock specialist Dirk Faehling (Motörhead, Skew Siskin, Jingo De Lunch) at Audio Ego Studio in Berlin and includes 14 tracks, which play out the whole spectrum of heavy Rock ’n’ Roll. The smashing opener “Burn Baby Burn“ leads to the fighter hymn “Boys ‘n‘ Men“ and the party hit “Just Dance“ and back to the doomy “Bible Black“- there is a right song for everybody. Especially the title track “I Am The Law“ points out the attitude of KAMIKAZE KINGS: Live and fight for the music! One for all and all for one!

Rock ‘n‘ Roll and Heavy Metal are not only a passion for vocalist Elmo, guitar player Randy, bassist Kev and drummer Rais, but rather a religion and a home at once.

KAMIKAZE KINGS have gone through some stormy years since their founding in 2009, which other bands wouldn’t have survived intact. From that point of view, “The Law“ went through a long process. The band sometimes hungered to pay the recordings. Nevertheless or especially due to those reasons, the album spreads a power, directness and immediacy, which is unmistakable.

But it is not only the musical finesse which gives KAMIKAZE KINGS the highest factor of adrenaline-pumped entertainment. As pure manifestation of leather, sweat and rivets with a rich portion of Glamour-Wrestling mania, they lay every club and festival in ashes. On the big screen, these four Berlin guys know how to act controversially and nonconformally. In their clip “Saturday Night Hero“ they present themselves as real giants of pure Rock ‘n‘ Roll and especially in their new music video “Boys ‘n‘ Men“ they show their distinct trademarks. The first single “Boys ‘n‘ Men“ is not only rocking, but it is also a great entertainment for people, who are not of a tender or weak nature!

Those, who have seen a live show of the band before, know that KAMIKAZE KINGS work more than hard. The songs, the performance and devotion with which the musicians go about at their stage performances, transports a sense of life, an attitude and a love towards the most beautiful matter of the world: Rock ’n’ Roll.

In this sense: Yes, they are „The Law“!!!