There are many vocalist who say that they can sing, but Ka'miko can truly "Sang"!Breaking into the music scene as a true triple threat, Ka'miko can sing, dance, and play many instruments. Dance styles include: hip-hop, jazz, modern, ballet, tap, and African. Instruments: elec. bass, drums, keyboards


Kámiko is a new artist and a multi-talented teen. Not only does she possess impressive vocal abilities for a 17 year-old, but she is also an accomplished musician and dancer of various styles and instruments including her instrument of choice, the electric bass. She performs two songs on her dad's CD (KMSR Enterprises Artists Compilation CD Volume 1) including one that she co-wrote and co-produced (Did I Answer Ur Question). Now working on the completion of her debut solo project, Ka'miko is ready to set the music world on alert!


U Should B Mine
Look 2 the Rainbow
Ordinary Girl
Life Without Love
Thanking You Today

Set List

Original Material
Covers per request