Kamil "The Musical Temptress"
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Kamil "The Musical Temptress"


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The best kept secret in music


"New Artist Making Noise..."

L.A.'s singer/songwriter, Kamil is shocking the city with her new debut single, "Warning." This poetic talent is known as 'the musical temptress' and is creating a major buzz in the streets. Her single, "Warning" has a bass heavy beat that features underground hip hop legend, Mykill Miers. The second song entitled, "Mistress" will have anyone with a pulse begging for more. The last piece on the single is called "My 1st O" which is a spoken word joint that is recited over a hypnotic beat that will definitely have you pressing repeat. Kamil's sexy delivery will have you feen'in for more and more. Kamil is surely a force to be reckoned with.

-Ilijah Ford
L.A. Sound Newsletter - L.A. Sound Newsletter

"The Musical Temptress"

It's about time that an artist wasn't afraid of the truth. Kamil, known as 'the musical temptress' is currently breaking all the rules when it comes to the r&b sound. "I describe my sound as unorthodox and erotic. I want the world to feel my music deeply and honestly. Music needs to have substance and a solid backbone in order for it to have a lasting impression." Kamil can be seen performing all over Los Angeles at various nightclubs and spoken word venues promoting her latest single entitled: "Warning."

-Wendy Hutton
Neo Soul Insider - Neo Soul Insider

"L.A.'s Newest Star"

Kamil's single, "Warning" featuring underground rapper, Mykill Miers is lighting up the radio airwaves with it's fresh and unique sound. U.S. native, Kamil is taking the hip hop and r&b world by storm with her seductive blend of poetry and jazz undertones.
Kamil's silky voice represents raw talent that is longing for further exposure. She has been working the L.A. club circuit and now is ready to share her creativity with us Canadians. Kamil is an artist that is worth check'in for and can be found on various internet radio stations and websites such as: www.unsignedhype.org

-Randal Pierre
Canadian Cryer Magazine - Canadian Cryer Magazine

"Hot Ta Def...Single Review"

Kamil-The Musical Temptress turns up the heat with her provocative single. "Warning" feat. Mykill Miers. Warning is a definite club banger, while Mistress' hynotic guitar riff sets the mood for you and your mate. "My First O" takes us on a poetic sexual odyssey. Tracks are slammin', vocals precise, lyrics are potent, Kamil is definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future. Be on the lookout for Kamil-The Musical Temptress (the first lady of Abnormal Entertainment), the home of The Hitchcock of Hip Hop Mykill Miers-Pres. C.E.O.

Damon McCraw-The Music Notebook
Feb. edition
- The Music Notebook E-Zine


Radio Airplay: Mainstream/College

*Warning feat. Mykill Miers
*Slide On By

********Latest Single********
Slide On By
Warning feat. Mykill Miers

Give It To Me feat. Kamil (On Mykill Miers Full Length release The Trilogy Vol.1 Mykill Reloaded)

Your Mind/Your Body feat. Kamil (On Mykill Miers Full Length release The Trilogy Vol.1 Mykill Reloaded)

Let Me Shine (by Mykill Miers)feat. Kamil

Round and Round (by Mykill Miers) feat. Kamil


Feeling a bit camera shy


Making a statement without uttering a word is what Kamil has turned into an art form. This southern California artist is Abnormal Entertainment’s first leading lady.
This versatile ASCAP recording artist/songwriter has been described as, “a cross between Me’shell Ndegeochello with a sexy Janet Jackson vibe.” As an artist, Kamil’s goal is to entice your ears to no end. Her self-penned tunes are full of sexual innuendos that’s provocative yet endearing. “I’m inspired by the essence of subconscious sexuality and the beauty of being real. Being sensual is an attitude and in my music it’s conveyed thoroughly without unnecessary hype. I want to paint a picture with my words so people can actually visualize what I’m saying. My intentions are to change the perception of R&B and to create an alternative style of music called Altered Soul.” Altered soul is defined as nourishment for the spirit. It feeds the lover in you as while as your intellectual side. It’s a blend between Me’shell Ndegeochello meets Sade along with Kamil’s undeniable conviction. With the song entitled, “Mistress” Kamil refers to her connection with music as her love interest. One of Kamil’s lyrics state, “my mistress keeps me up late... no time to sleep... when she’s in the mood-there’s no rules.” Kamil’s sound will be the foundation for a new musical movement.

Kamil’s musical influences are Prince, Me’shell Ndegeochello, Sade, Lisa Stansfield, Janet Jackson, Roberta Flack, Angela Winbush, Donny Hathaway, Millie Jackson, Smokey Robinson and Maxwell. Currently she is working with high profile producers such as Rashad Coes, Mykill Miers and The Elements. “I’m a very passionate person and when it comes to my music I want people to not only hear what I’m saying, but also feel each word penetrate throughout their body. I’m trying to change the standard of music and I refuse to be candy-coated or typical. My style isn’t about just having a tight track with meaningless words trailing behind it. It’s about choosing those perfect words that know how to ride the beat just right...effortlessly.” Kamil’s music isn’t the only element that flows in her blood, she writes poetry and was a Division 1 college athlete. Kamil has a Bachelors of Science degree in Sports Medicine and currently competes in Fitness and Figure competitions. “I am known as a ‘Jane of all trades’ because I’m not afraid to explore the different aspects of my personality no matter how diverse they may be from each other.”

Kamil’s musical talent was developed in high school and while attending college. She created and orchestrated over 200 poetry showcases and participated in over 100 live musical performances throughout the mid-western states. Using actors and exotic dancers, she created an erotic ambience that was appreciated and also very profitable. This athletically-built sexy vixen was able to spew sensual and eloquent verses in front of hundreds of people leaving them stunned and begging for more. Kamil has the lyrical savvy of a seasoned veteran, while her sweet sultry voice captures you as a prisoner all its own. The Music Notebook Electronic Magazine, Unsigned Hype(www.unsignedhype.org), and the United Global Artists (www.u-g-a.com) have all featured Kamil as their spotlight artist this year. This lady's well-rounded talent, beautiful looks, and exquisite voice makes her the total package. Kamil’s album will be released in January of 2006.

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