Kamilah Haynes

Kamilah Haynes



If ever there was an artist who encompassed pure talent, passion, and true musicianship, it would be Kamilah Haynes. This dynamic and anointed songstress has developed a unique style that she can certainly coin as her own.
Born in Toledo, Ohio, but raised in Detroit, Michigan, music was a very significant part of her life. The eldest of three children, Kamilah often sang with her sisters, and even formed an acapella singing group that consisted of herself, her sisters and a few childhood friends. Musically influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Fred Hammond, Kim Burrell and CeCe Winans, there was never a doubt in her mind that music was her calling. Kamilah spent time further cultivating her love of music, excelling in violin and piano throughout much of her adolescence and among the fruits of her labor was a B.A. in Music from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Her talents have definitely made room for her. In addition to her many accomplishments, Kamilah has had the distinct privilege to sing at the Inaugural Ball for the Honorable Dennis Archer. As a part of a music ministry seminar, Kamilah had the opportunity to perform at Second Arnold Baptist Church in Savannah, GA. She has also performed on the Bobby Hurd stage at the Sweet Auburn Festival and other events hosted by Mr. Hurd. .
Kamilah crystallizes her purpose in music and in life with her debut album “God’s Child” to be officially released August 1, 2006. With a rich and diverse collection of art in song, Kamilah set out to extend the reach of her music and her message. Each carefully chosen selection, all of which written or co-written by the artist, encompass captivating rhythms, lyrical depth and melodic richness. When talking about this project, Kamilah says, “It took a while, but it shows growth from where I started to where I am now and each song captures that journey”. Through trial and error, she finally emerged with an album that perfectly displays her musical insight and interpretive range. When asked what she hopes listeners will find in her music, she replies with hesitation: “I want my music to inspire, uplift and minister to people.”
Alongside her fervent desire to impact the world through music is Kamilah’s love for introducing her passion to others. She is currently a music teacher for a private Christian academy, as well as a private piano instructor. She also serves as the Assistant Minister of Music at Faith Christian Center in Smyrna, GA. Whether it’s singing before a crowd of hundreds, or teaching a child basic music theory, Kamilah Haynes aspires to a very clear end: “To reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that will draw them closer to Him.”


I Am (God's Child)

Written By: Kamilah ft Redd Fyve

I am the salt of the earth
I am the light of the world
I am in but not of transformed with strength from above
I am complete in Christ
I am bought with a price
I am a branch of the true vine
Made with renewed mind living like I was designed

I'm God's child
Anything that I want I ask in faith I can have what I say in His name
The head not the tail above not beneath never experienced the taste of defeat

I'm God's child
I'm an heir to the throne I'm not my own His Word says He won't leave me alone
I walk by faith and not by sight with evidence of His power and might

I'm the rich and not the poor
I'm the healed and not the sick
I'm the blessed and not the cursed
I'm using my authority taking power over the enemy I'm living my life free the Lord Jesus lives in me!

Servant's Prayer

Written By: Kamilah

My heart longs for the touch of your hand
Lord my desire's to know your purpose and plan
So teach me your ways oh Lord that I may walk in your truth
Incline your ear to my heart and hear your servant's prayer

Anoint me appoint me use my life as you will
Fill me completely I give my heart to you Lord
Direct me protect me order my steps to your plan
Send me use me I give my heart to you Lord

As the deer panteth for water so my soul thirsts for you the desire of my heart is for righteousness in all I do Your Word is my meditation your love is my motivation your peace is my confirmation You're Lord of my salvation

Wherever you want me to go whatever you want me to do
Whenever you want me to speak
Wherever whatever whenever use me


Written By: Kamilah

Sinner made saint by his everlasting love and grace
Created and made brand new by the one whose word is continually molding me His blood cleansed me his mercy freed me now I can stand blameless see clearer walk taller because of His goodness
My understanding has been unlightened in His ability I'm confident He'll complete the work He begun in me he'll make a way for others to see Him in me I'm been trurned out sold out to the all knowing all powerful one in whose image I am

I was made in the reflection of love
Fearfully made wonderfully made in the image of all the is good
I was made in the reflection of love
made with power and with love and a sound mind, reflection

On the living word I meditate Jesus is who I want to emulate just like he is so am I everyday my flesh it must be crucified the things I did I do no more the things I used to say I say no more a new creation in Christ Jesus the old me has passed away He is king of kings he is Lord of Lords I choose to live by every word he speaks whatever he says then it's got to be my goal is clear I must confess purity, holiness and nothing less I've set my affections above Cause I'm made in the image of love

My reflection is strength, honor, righteousness and peace
Blessing wisdom victorious and just be glory, majesty dominion and power forever and ever amen.


I AM (God's Child) and Reflections are getting airplay on both internet and tradional radio stations. In addition, Kamilah's debut CD God's Child can be purchased via the internet on www.cdbaby.com, the i-tunes store or on the Time To Live Music, Inc website at www.ttl-music.com/store.

Set List

Kamilah's set lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The repertoire contains both originals and cover songs. Originals: I Am (God's Child), More Like You, Lord You've Been So Good To Me, Sweeter, Reflections, Love, In Your Praise, I Will Praise You, You Stand Alone, For You, Servant's Prayer