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Kamilleon, the Next Generation Lyricist. Bookings: Uptop Entertainment Inc. 877-889-6935 or 678-698-8870


Kamilleon is Fayetteville, North Carolina's prodigal son. Kamilleon wants to show the world that the true form of rap is not dead and to bring his fans into his world, his lifestyle, a place he calls FAYETTE-NAM. Kamilleon is a modern day throwback to the days of lyrical giants, like KRS-ONE, Kool G Rap and Rakim. It is the return of the lyricist. Kamilleon, has breathed life back into the game and the lifeblood that is Hip Hop begins to flow again.
When an artist performs, the crowd watches their every move, critiquing stage presences, their look, their deliver, even those in the background. To win them over in this battle, one must choose the right weapon; in this case the weapon of choice is the “MIC”. And the warrior behind it is KAMILLEON.

Kamilleon's inspiration comes from his mother, who has already passed on to heaven (RIP). She was a teacher and accomplished poet and writer. Other inspirations are Kamilleon’s father(Ranger Jack) a military man, the loss of his Sister and Brother to life's tragedy and his Grandmother, Honey, who pushed him to be the Best, in his pursuit of his Hip Hop Dream and all endeavors.

The forthcoming CD, aptly named “Inner Turmoil”, will bring you deep into the mind of a lyricist. Though the debut single, "So Fly" is a HIP HOP Banger to let the Ladies know he got Love for them, “Inner Turmoil" will show the good, the bad, and the ugly of Hip Hop. Gaining more and more spins in NC, starting with his hometown radio station, HOT 104.5 ( Big Ups to Vic Frost and the whole crew). Performing "SO FLY" while opening for MIKE JONES and PAUL WALL in Tampa Fl (May '05)...Much respect to Mike, Paul, DJ Slice, GU and all the ICE AGE click!!!
He has also performed at the HOT 104.5 Block Party 05 and several venues in Atlanta. Kamilleon has also had tracks placed on the Street Official, HOODZ DVD (hoodzdvd.com) , building a wider fan base.
Be on the look out for Kamilleon, REPPIN' NC TO THE FULLIEST!


Debut Single "So Fly" produced by Cheef Exek

Hoodz DVD/Magazine(April 2006)
Hoodz DVD/Magazine(March 2005)

Welcome to Fayett-Nam The Mixtape (Out Now!!)
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Set List

3-4 song sets.