Kam Kutta

Kam Kutta

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Kam Kutta is becoming a very major artist. His entertaining substance & infectious swagger is cutting through the streets fast. Less than a year Kam has been placed on countless mix-tapes, gaining radio spins and is getting nothing but good responses in clubs and from the streets


Slicing into the music game with menacing flow sharp swagger and piercing lyrics has earned him the name Kam Kutta. Not known as a person to bite his tongue and living the lifestyle that most rappers lye about in their songs makes him a true display of what other rappers are trying to be. Coming in with a goal to "KUT OUT" the bull in the music industry he is perorming surgery on the streets with his undeniable sound. Chosen by the people, this songwriter/artist feels this is his destiny because he never chose the artist role... it just happened! From the streets to the stage is the "STORY" for most new rap arist, but Kam Kutta is not your average musician. Born and raised in the Gem City where pressure turns ya into a diamond or burst ya pipes. Most black men dont make it past 25 without jail time or a bullet wound. Kam has been known for makin the cut. What started as just a hobby to get "oohs" and "ahhs" from the local music scene. Later became a focus to stay out of jail and to keep a cool head while getting his cut hustling in the streets. In a desperate move to save his life he moved to Atlanta to start a music career. Unlocking one of raps SHARPEST artist and entertainers. He draws inspiration from the events of his own life and through the odds beating others. I am inspired by the underdog who overcomes," he says. "I had to strive hard for the ones who told me that I wouldn’t make it. I was told my whole life I wouldn’t be anything, but I overcame to show others that you can achieve your dreams no matter what odds you facing …” Kam’s music and message are already making a strong impact in the streets , clubs, gaing radio play and filling mixtape slots. He is making a name as one of the next to watch out for in the music charts “I make the music that you want to hear," he says. "I make the music that you need to hear too. I don’t rap for fame, fortune or personal gain. Im here so you can hear what others is tryin to say from the horses mouth, to have my songs heard and create authentic, and classic get money music.


"STREET’S MADE ME" {street album}
feat. DJ Aaries of Hood Hard

I GOT TO KUT EM {street album}
feat. DJ GEEZA of Hood Hard


Set List

Usually about 3 songs in the performance, with a length of 15mins or more.