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When looking for an artist with electrifying stage presence, charisma and substance to captivate an audience, Grammy nominated artist Kamoflauge is definitely worth booking. With his unique style and profound wordplay, after listening, you will understand why he is referred to as the Baritone Beast.


With influences ranging from Scarface, Bun-B, TuPac, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, and other profound lyricists, Kamoflauge aka the “Baritone Beast” lives to bring awareness to the struggle endured by those he grew up surrounded by and other neighborhoods similar to the streets of Third Ward in Houston, TX, where he grew up. His unique gift to paint vivid pictures through words with a voice that resonates, sets him apart from the prevalent up and coming artists emerging from the South. His charisma and stage presence keep audiences attention while simultaneously keeping them on their feet.

Having shared the stage with other national recording artists including Wine-O (formerly known as Nuwine), Bizzy Bone, Lil Raskull, Bushwick Bill, and T-Bone, Kamoflauge is no novice when it comes to creating and delivering the type of music the public embraces.

His long awaited debut solo Grammy Nominated album "Ultimate Sacrifice" under the label Crossroad Records, with Grammy Nominated producer/ composer Baby Ben, CEO of Baby Ben Productions and Crossroad Records, is bound to give the rap genre a much needed face-lift.

"You hear a lot of cats rapping nowadays but almost all of them are saying the same thing or doing the same thing with the only difference being they have different beats. There isn't any substance or diversity in the game anymore which is why I choose to do what I do...TAKEOVER and DOMINATE."

Kamoflauge’s album “Ultimate Sacrifice” is currently for sale at CD Baby and iTunes. For the latest updates and other projects featuring Kamoflauge ( Lance LB Banks - "No Restrictions" ) visit www.crossroadrecords.com.


2 of the Same 2006

Execution Style 2011

Ultimate Sacrifice 2011

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