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kamran sadeghi / son of rose

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Through Thickness Review"

"On the face of it, Through Thickness would appear to be another installment of impeccably high-minded electronic composition for Yann Novak's Seattle based Dragon's Eye label. And so it is – all obsessively-honed digitalia and crisp, ultra-percice editing. But the austerity of the conception and rigor of the sonic processing is counterbalanced by a satisfyingly physical thrust; Through Thickness forms part of Sadeghi's Kha series, which sets out to explore the possibilities of rhythm. The polyrhythmic complexity on display here is strangely reminiscent of the tabla patterns of indian classical music – firm downbeat buffeted by a stream of lighter accents, occasional pulseless longeurs suddenly revitalized by a flurry of perfectly calibrated and finely modulated impacts." -Chris Sharp - The Wire Magazine

""Untitled" (kha series) - DER Comp"

"the wait of silence is integral to Kamran Sadeghi's "untitled" (from his Kha series), which proceeds initially in tightly honed fits and starts, with pauses of various durations between sections, before eventually coming together as a funky, slinky piece" - The Wire Magazine

""Divisions In Parallel" Review"

amran Sadeghi is more a dealer in shimmering and sustaining micro-tones, and his latest recording Divisions in Parallel seems to document sounds in transit towards, but staying shy of becoming, full-blown music. In this respect, Sadeghi’s Son of Rose is less a musical enterprise and more of a sonic travel operator, vaguely shepherding his sounds towards finding design and harmony, but without spelling the route out too clearly so they can stray interestingly along their chosen pathways and find interesting tangents and by-roads. He engineers a felicitous encounter of grand piano strings and E-bow via DSP intermediation which finds articulation in contours evoking terrain in an experimental ambient expanse roughly mapped out between Sirr and Kranky, or and/OAR and 12k. Opening in sparse tinkles, the sound stage gradually builds into a thin liquid drone infused with fibrillating droplets and aqueous timbres like minute bells in melting motion (“Triple II”) before a microsonic bio-mechanic sine-drone takes over for the lowercase minimalism of “Triple III”. The 18-minute “From The Well” shifts from slow sustain-swells in a gauzy rotation, choreographed into tonal balletics glimpsed as if through a smeared glass darkly. Engrossing. Compositions suggest the secret inner life of sounding objects aspiring towards a cryptic melodicity in quiet and drifting soundstreams. These eventually find satisfying semi-static consonance on the closing “Eleven Eleven". - e/i magazine

"Decibel Fesitval - Performance Review"

"Son of Rose's set stood out in that it was distinctly tactile amidst
sea of computers. Using ebows on the strings of a grand piano, he
manipulated the vibrations electronically or used them to trigger
synth sounds that were in turn manipulated - a sort of electronically
prepared piano performance that was truly experimental instead of
impenetrably weird."
-Signal To Noise
- Signal To Noise


"All In" - Blanket Fields - 2009
"Through Thickness" - Dragons Eye Recordings - 2008
"Divisions In Parallel" - DER - 2007
"Top Flight" - DER - 2006
"Son of Rose" - DER - 2005
"White" - Self Release - 2004

"16:9" - and/OAR -2008
"flocksandflocks" - Duck Bay Records -2008
"Day New" - Dulcett Records - 2008
"Untitled (kha series) - DER - 2007
"Reunion" - DER - 2006
"Crossings" - Memex Records - 2006
"Up Up Up" - DER - 2005



Kamran Sadeghi is a sound and video artist, composer, and performer focusing primarily on realtime digital audio and time-based Art. His recordings and performances under the stage name Son of Rose have received critical acclaim in U.S. and European publications such as The Wire, e/i, and Signal To Noise. His works have been integral in establishing an international reputation for Dragons Eye Recordings.

Sadeghi has performed during gallery exhibitions and festivals such as The Henry Art Gallery, Ambach&Rice Gallery and the Decibel Festival. His compositions were selected to premier in the WPA\C's Experimental Media series Exhibition, "ColorField Remix" curated by Richard Chartier. His recent work with contemporary dance company as Sound Designer took him to perform at New York City's DTW, and Boston's ICA. Currently he is developing and performing a series of audio video works entitled "Kha Variations" which aim to visually externalize sound's imbedded information.