kamran sadeghi / son of rose

kamran sadeghi / son of rose


Live Digital and Time Based Art with an emphasis on the interaction of sound, light, image, and acoustics.


Kamran Sadeghi is a sound and video artist, composer, and performer focusing primarily on realtime digital audio and time-based Art. His recordings and performances under the stage name Son of Rose have received critical acclaim in U.S. and European publications such as The Wire, e/i, and Signal To Noise. His works have been integral in establishing an international reputation for Dragons Eye Recordings.

Sadeghi has performed during gallery exhibitions and festivals such as The Henry Art Gallery, Ambach&Rice Gallery and the Decibel Festival. His compositions were selected to premier in the WPA\C's Experimental Media series Exhibition, "ColorField Remix" curated by Richard Chartier. His recent work with contemporary dance company as Sound Designer took him to perform at New York City's DTW, and Boston's ICA. Currently he is developing and performing a series of audio video works entitled "Kha Variations" which aim to visually externalize sound's imbedded information.


"All In" - Blanket Fields - 2009
"Through Thickness" - Dragons Eye Recordings - 2008
"Divisions In Parallel" - DER - 2007
"Top Flight" - DER - 2006
"Son of Rose" - DER - 2005
"White" - Self Release - 2004

"16:9" - and/OAR -2008
"flocksandflocks" - Duck Bay Records -2008
"Day New" - Dulcett Records - 2008
"Untitled (kha series) - DER - 2007
"Reunion" - DER - 2006
"Crossings" - Memex Records - 2006
"Up Up Up" - DER - 2005

Set List

Real-time sound reactive video performance.
30-45 minute performance.