Kamron Bahani

Kamron Bahani

 New City, New York, USA
SoloHip Hop

Kamron Bahani is a 23-year-old rapper who has tons of talent. He has been recognized by Army of the Pharaohs, members such as Celph Titled, Doap Nixon, and Block McCloud. Known for his witty wordplay, hysterical punchlines, and one of the most captivating flows ever heard, Kamron Bahani is definitely worth a listen.

He's also transmogrified his style into a contemporary twist of new age with old school; he's an old soul & he loves to embrace it.


Kamron Bahani was Born in Huntsville, AL. He now resides in a suburban area in NY, known as Rockland County. He's been getting recognition from everywhere. Kamron Bahani is defiant; he loves what he does, and he'll never stop. He's an interesting mix of Half-Italian, and Half-Iranian. His main dream off of making music is to benefit his family, and donate to Autism Speaks, due to his little brother being autistic. His music has taken him to a variety of places; he's been featured on big blogs such as 2DopeBoyz, as well as being featured on The Needle Drop multiple times.


"Indulgence" - July 2011

"Center of a Tension" - November 2011

"Protege Cerveau" - November 23 2013

"Serpenti Accordo" - Coming Out September 23rd 2016