Music is our passion, life is our framework and sharing it is our motto. With original folk-pop-rock songs, we can fire up your stage! Want good energy in your life? Look no longer! You've found your Kôan...


First united by the love of life and music, a complicity has develop rapidly between the members and the band became an entity itself. Songs are composed by the guitarist and lyrics, by the singer. Afterwards, the creative touch brought by the bassist and drummer gives to the songs the most bewitching colour. Having U2, Pink Floyd, Sarah McLachlan, Massive attack and many others as influences, Kôan successed in finding its own style and sound. Handling acoustic guitar like no one, a rythmic section played with spirit and a voice that will warm up your heart, even sometimes make it melt... Come and see for yourself!


So far, we have three singles, recorded by Shamrock Productions in our studio. We released and sell it by ourselves. We're always working in studio and there are many other recorded songs to come. Right now, we're working on our first album and hoping to release it at the end of this year.

Set List

We have only original songs. Our material is for about an hour and a half to two hours, usually divided in two sets. We are always working on more songs, always evolving. Here is the list of our songs:

1- So much to do
2- My own planet
3- The lesson
4- Soul Salvation
5- All of these years
6- To the moon
7- All different
8- Fight and desire
9- Share it
10- Road to life
11- Addiction
12- I'd give all I am
13- The day I rose