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The best kept secret in music


"Albuquerque Journal"

What if Grace Slick stayed hip to the music scene, hooked up with a band that was equally influenced by X and Dolly Parton as it was by Alanis Morrisette? Would hell freeze over? Or would rock music get a swift kick in the behind?
It's the latter, of course, and Kanary is the result of such odd influences. Hailing from Los Angeles, this trio of disparate musicians makes music that is at once traditional in the rock sense and strangely compelling in the lyrical sense. Formed in 1996, the trio includes vocalist and guitarist Leslie Knauer, bassist and backup vocalist Mary Kay, and drummer and Albuquerque native Tony Matteucci. With 3 full length records under its belt, including its most recent release "Haunted" the band has quietly built a strong following in America and Canada.
Most appealing of the group is Knauer's workaday vocals that are presented with sly and often acerbic humor. An early single titled "I Can't Even Think About Getting Married" is the hilarious tale of a single mom with tattered hair who thinks that maybe marriage is the answer to her problems, even though "no one's asking to..." - Kevin Hopper

"Sunset Strip Radio"

Having grown tired of the facades worn by the typical Los Angeles rocker--those insufferable airs of supremacy, that smugness which pervades his countenance, the arrogance, the indeifference and the contempt he shows toward fellow man...
Then along comes a talent like Canadian born Leslie Knauer - a real professional, a true gem in this city where the talent is often hard to discover. Knauer and her smoking hot Los Angeles rock band, Kanary, confront point-blank the inherent pain, strife and suffering of modern life in a bluesy fock & roll style. This is music with real substance, and it reflects in many ways the breathless energy and frenetic pace of Los Angeles.
Knauer's raspy, Janis Joplin-meets-Grift's Melanie Herrold voice embodies all that blue-collar stands for: its honesty and its crudity; its pain and its brutality and its life affirming simplicity.
Just as the ancient Greek theater was flanked by the images of tragedy and comedy, so does Knauers music run the gamut of emotion -- the full range of ecstasy and despair. Each song is an expose, a binge, a refelation, a pledge, a confession, delivered with wild-eyed mania, from a singer who has experienced much of the travail, and much of the heartbreak that one might find in the work of Charles Bukowski. Hers is a voice that counterpoints beautifully with the brutal, cannon-like aggressiveness of the rhythm section (consisting of Mary Kay on bass, and Tony Matteucci on drums).
Now in it's 6th year of existence, Kanary exhibits the assurance and professionalism of seasoned vets, while incubating a desire to be mad, crazy, chaotic, impulsive and most importantly, real. They are a sight to behold. Two girls and a guy. Hard roadhouse-style rock music, through beer-glass clanking and wolf whistles. Kanary's integrity is best exemplified in their eagerness to play live...
- Chuck Mindenhall

"Music Connection Vol. XXVI, No. 13"

The crunch and wail of classic rock triggers this power trio whose six-songer catches our ears due to “Something Beautiful.” On this punk-injected tune, all the band’s individual talents shine: the drums sound like top-fuel jackhammers, the bass never lets up and, most of all, Leslie Knauer’s soul-seering rasp has a rich vibrato that makes an impact a la Shelby Lynne and Nikka Costa. Lyrics are very good –crafty and compelling. All in all, this is a band whose love of pure rock drips from the speakers. Specialty labels may dig this. - DemoCritiques@musicconnection.com


1) Tell us about your band, music, style.

We're a 3 piece. Guitar-Leslie bass-Mary Kay & drums-Tony Matteucci. Our sound is minimal, crunchy, rich and full. Stories about our lives,
mistakes, relatives and other assorted characters
that left dents in our hearts and souls.

2) How did you and your band get started?

I saw Mary play at the Lingerie with another band and thought she was the best bass player, I've
got to be in a band with her!!! Mary called on Tony since she loved playing with him in a band a few years earlier. We all get along so well...

3) What type of venues do you play at?

Indoor, outdoor, big, small, they all rock!

4) Tell us about the making of your CD's?

We're pretty rehearsed coz we don't have a big
budget. We get the music for 12 tracks done in 2 days, the 3rd & 4th days are the vocal days, then we mix. It's very live. We all respect each other and listen to the other guy, we've got kind of a cosmic flow going, notheing but live shows are more fun.

5) What artists influence you and your music?

I love Tom Petty's sound and the way he tells stories, the way Courtney Love gets to the point, the way
Janis Joplin got in your face, the depth and sinsitivity of Joni Mitchell, the ass kicking attitude of Alice Cooper,
the poetry of Bob Dylan. Thank God I was introduced to Patsy Cline, Iggy Pop, Concrete Blond & AC/DC too. Music is my church. I stand humble & grateful engulfed
in the world of Rock & Roll.

6) What advice do you have for aspiring women musicians?

Play with all your heart, write as honestly as possible,
the more oopen minded you are, the more creativity seems to flow freely through you. Do it for the love of the art.

7) What do you think about GoGirlsMusic.com?

Thank you for acknowliedging Kanary and all the other chicks that rock, we appreciate it. - GoGirlsMusic


"Porno Church of the Ugly Man


Feeling a bit camera shy


KANARY came together in 1996, playing their own brand of American-Blues based-Bastard Rock (the sum of many fathers) high energy music. With strong lyrics, powerful vocals and a killer rhythm section, they have released three cds, "Invincible" & "Porno Church of the Ugly Man," and most recently "Haunted”.

If you're under the impression that the lyrics from your favorite folk chick or fluffy girl-group typify what girls really think about, you're in for a rude awakening... with lyrics most aptly described as EXPOSED, it's like surreptitiously spying into your girlfriend's most private diary, with songs about things most of us are too embarrassed to even discuss in public, while at the same time being humorous and wildly addictive!
Leslie's got a seductive, self-assured 'rock-goddess' voice that rivals any of her peers. She leads us through emotion after emotion, with topics covering elation, loneliness, rivalry, great sex, bad sex, spirituality, jealousy, lustful desperation and just wanting to punch that annoying roommate in the kisser. We identify. And we can't help but be relieved that there is someone else obsessing about such things...we are not alone.

Leslie was born on Vancouver Island, B.C. She has penned two top ten platinum hits with former bands "Promises" and "Precious Metal."

Mary comes from Detroit. She played and toured extensively with the punk bands "The Dogs", "Attack" & "She Rock."

Tony hails from Albuquerque and has played with Etta James, Paul Shortino, "The Dogs," "Attack" & "Finn MacCool."


Other Kanary Things

• Kanary's songs,"Kanary" and "Hullabaloo House," were featured in John Sjogren's independently released feature film, "CHOKE," with DENNIS HOPPER and MICHAEL MADSEN.

• KANARY was featured in the August 2001 issue of Album Network’s media magazine VIRTUALLY ALTERNATIVE, and the first cut of their newest ep, “Don’t Be Scared,” was released on the accompanying cd.

• KANARY appeared at EAT'M 2000 Convention in Las Vegas.

• KANARY followed up in November with a showcase at the Rockrgrl Conference in Seattle.

• KANARY was a featured band in the June 2000 issue of VIRTUALLY ALTERNATIVE, and the title cut of their second cd, "Porno Church of the Ugly Man," was released on the accompanying cd.

• KANARY was honored to have a second cut from that album, "It's Not EZ To Be Me,"
featured in the July 2000 issue of VIRTUALLY ALTERNATIVE.

• In 1999, "Invincible" was released by Universal Music/Tricycle Entertainment in Japan under the title "Do You Swear."

• "I Can't Even Think About Getting Married," the first cut from Kanary’s first album “Invincible,” was featured on Volume One of the compilation cd released by the Los Angeles Women in Music.

• KANARY’S song, "Do You Swear," from the first album, was featured on Volume One of Times Square Productions compilation cd.

Kanary has a special RV and tours regularly. Here's a list of clubs the band has played:

Evangelo’s, Santa Fe NM
The Golden West, Albuquerque NM
Moon Time Pizza, El Paso TX
The Quarter Note, Sunnyvale CA
The Vista, Eureka CA
The Gig Hollywood, Hollywood CA
Jack's Sugar Shack, Hollywood CA
The Joint, West L.A. CA
The Blue Ox, Phoenix AZ
John Bulls Pub, Pasadena CA
Back Alley Bar & Grill, Fullerton CA
Sneakers, Fullerton CA
Blue Saloon, North Hollywood CA
Hallenbeck's, North Hollywood CA
EAT'M Showcase, Las Vegas NV
NoHo Arts Festival, North Hollywood CA
Valley College, North Hollywood CA
Goldfingers, Hollywood CA
Rusty's Surf Ranch, Santa Monica CA
Rude Dog, Covina CA
StarScene Festival, NoHo CA
Bostons, Tempe AZ
The Mason Jar, Phoenix AZ
Monsoons, Flagstaff AZ
Hollywood Taxi, Springfield OR
Rockrgrl Conference, Seattle WA
Steamer's Public House, Victoria BC
Vertigo, University of Victoria BC
The Dragonfly, Hollywood CA
Brookdale Lodge, Santa Cruz CA
Pine St. Bar & Gril, Livermore CA
Kicks II, Oakland CA
Ash St. Saloon, Portland OR
Hobie's Roadhouse, CA
Mr. T's Bowl, Highland Park CA
La Vida Roadhouse, Brea CA
Pitcher House, Hermosa Beach CA
Vinnies Bar & Grill, Bakersfield CA
Bakersfield College, Bakersfield CA
Starline, Fresno CA
King King, Hollywood, CA
Club Lingerie, Hollywood, CA
Lava Lounge, Hollywood, CA
& places we had too much fun in to remember!