Kandi Rayn

Kandi Rayn


My music is like creating a taste of heaven right here on earth. It's 100% real and Younique. It's me, no compromise and no pre computer gimmicks or fixer uppers. It's me not allowing anyone to alter my dreams, goals or outlook on my vision. I'm doing it BIG and I'm doing it WELL!


Candace DeSelles Mendoza, a-k-a Kandi' Rayn. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, on 09/05/77, to Walter DeSelles and Elizabeth Clark Todd. Singing since a she was very young, the passion grew, and along with it, so did her wisdom, knowledge and understanding of what she wanted and how bad she was going to get it , without compromising who she was and wanted. Classified as " The next Sensation of th Nation " She has real class, piazza, and style and is ready to take the music industry by storm with her upcoming release entitled, Groundbreaker, "Breakin' all the Rulez ". She has formed her own recording studio and production company TKDJ Studio / I.M. Productions, named after her children Tahj, Keleaph, Destiny, Joshua, and Iyina, all which will be ran under her record label Diamond Rock Entertainment. She has a great line of support from family and friends, but besides God being the Head of all she does, her sole support comes from her loving husband, Anthony T. Mendoza whom has made it very clear that he has total faith in her and her ability to follow through with her dreams, and she loves him for that. Candace has a saying,
" Nothing will change, unless something changes, but the change first has to start with you. In other words, you must be that change that you wish to see in the world, on your job or wherever you are. Nothing is ever done or given without strings being attached, and nothing beats a failure but failure to try. and every sweet needs sour. There is no success without failure. So strive, but in doing that be " Younique" , don't allow people to plant in your mind that in order to make it you must do as you see. Be you, Do you, Do the dam thing. P.S. Be sure to visit my Links page and check out my other web sites. Hope u enjoy.


I am releasing my first CD 01-01-07 entitled Groundbreaker 007 "Breakin all the Rulez". And if you go to Radioartistopia you can log on to find Kandi Rayn and request my music and find me on the radio online charts.