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San Francisco, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

San Francisco, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Alternative




"Premiere: Listen to Kandur’s Debut EP Fantasy"

For a guitar-centric record, it doesn't get much better than this.
Jessie Schiewe
Thu Feb 16th, 2017 12:21pm

San Francisco band Kandur’s debut EP is about as schizophrenic as a record could get … and it’s lovely. A bevvy of sounds, moods, and genres permeate each guitar-laced track on Fantasy, which frontman Ilker Kandur recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley with help from drummer Dawn Richardson.

The EP, which comes out Friday, Feb. 24, starts off with “Did You Ever,” a bluesy number filled with tangy, Western guitar, before shifting gears with “Save Me,” a hard rock, black metal-inspired track. By the time “Go” comes around, the vibe has shifted to punk-flecked, emo rock, with a slight Taking Back Sunday edge. The record closes on an upbeat note with “Sail Away,” a pop-y, indie-rock tune about leaving your worries and cares behind you.

With its unusual range of songs, you might think Kandur is a band still trying to find its sound, but that, it turns out, is not the case. The randomness of each track, Kandur says, was totally intentional.

“When I first moved to San Francisco, I spent about two years exploring the Bay Area music scene,” the Turkish frontman says, “…[and] after meeting loads of musicians from different backgrounds, I started to understand that I needed something that would stand out — something that would help me introduce myself, my ideas, and my musical tastes to others.”

Catch Kandur’s EP release party at 9 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 25, at Rickshaw Stop. - SF Weekly

"Our Spotlight Band is rockers KANDUR from San Francisco"

Today our Spotlight Band is KANDUR. We recently caught KANDUR performing at the Neck of the Woods in San Francisco. They kicked off the show with The Fame Riot and RADKEY. They came out with great energy and got the crowd ready to rock. Their music delivers a great balance of alternative rock with hard hitting punches and dipped in a classic rock vibe. Very refreshing to find a band that brings out some great feel good rock music.

The band is the works of Ilker Kandur who relocated to San Francisco when the political climate in his home of Istanbul started to take drastic turns for the worse, choosing San Francisco as one of the western world’s most historically progressive locales, and the home of many of his musical influences, San Francisco.

Genre: Alternative Rock/Rock
Location: San Francisco, CA
Feature: Delivers alternative rock with roots deep in the classic rock vibe, and yet can bring out some hard hitting rock tracks. Definitely pleasing fans across genre walls.
Song to check out: new single, Save Me:
Current Release: New EP Fantasy is an upcoming release. Recorded and mixed by engineer Jesse Nichols at Berkeley’s legendary Fantasy Studios, “Fantasy” EP features Dawn Richardson (4 Non Blondes, Tracy Chapman) on the drums.

You can catch KANDUR at their upcoming San Francisco show on December 11th at the Milk Bar. Check out some photos from their set in San Francisco by our Rockin Ryan:
We will see if we can bring you an interview with these rockers soon so you can get to know them better. Make sure to visit their social media sites!

Information & Links:

Website: http://www.kandurmusic.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kandurmusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KandurMusic - Music Junkie Press

"5 Albums That Shaped Musician Kandur"

Kandur shares 5 life changing albums

Here are some records that influenced and inspired me personally and musically. All of these albums were released in the late 90s and early 2000s, and had a big impact on me in my early teenage years, that made me pick up a guitar, drop a fight, forgive, forget, love and hate.

Foo Fighters – There Is Nothing Left to Lose 1999
I think this is one of the best albums ever made and it’s my favorite FF album, perhaps because it captures the core members of the band as a trio. From the album photography by Danny Clinch, to track listing, everything just makes perfect sense. This record draws you in with catchy hit songs and then takes you by the hand on a journey into outer space. Stacked Actors and Aurora are my favorites. It features so many good sounds that we used it as a reference album during the mixing sessions of my upcoming record.

Queens of the Stone Age – Queens of the Stone Age 1998
I had these friends from school with whom I was playing Dungeons & Dragons while listening to some classic metal. One of the kids brought this album one day. It Blew my mind and introduced me to a whole new genre, which led me discover Kyuss, Masters of Reality, Desert Sessions and all those other Stoner Rock / Palm Desert Scene. When I think about heavy music, I think about this album. Mexicola is my favorite!

Oasis – Definitely Maybe 1994
I don’t remember when or where I first listened to this album, but it was always there for me. I listen to it at least once a month because it is the ultimate motivator. Who needs self help books when you have Definitely Maybe?? Just look at the songs “Rock N Roll Star”, “Live Forever”, “Supersonic”! In my cover band days, we always had a song from this album in our set list.

Audioslave – Audioslave 2002
There was this guitar store that I used to go all the time when I was living in Kiev. One day I heard a song starting with two chord hits over a driving drum beat and it grabbed my attention. When I looked at the screen that music was coming from, there was this badass desert car chase music video of Show Me How To Live. I was hypnotized and could feel my head start to bang. I listened to that album over and over. The early 2000’s were full of rock bands with uninspiring lyrics and unlike most of them, this album delivers so many powerful messages. It influenced me in many ways. Even my current guitar rig is heavily inspired by the one that Tom Morello used to record this record.

MFÖ – M.V.A.B. 1995
MFÖ is probably the most popular Turkish band ever. My parents took me to a MFÖ concert when I was barely able to speak but that show inspired my whole life. At that young age I knew I wanted to be on the stage, playing rock n’ roll! My mom still keeps my drawings of an MFÖ show I drew when I was 3 years old. Then this album came along – it was the coolest thing ever, three guys wearing dark sunglasses, singing in three voices, playing rock n roll, everything was black and white – all the videos and photos. That album made me want to play the guitar and play it loud! - Global Texan Chronicles

"Song Premiere: Kandur “Save Me”"

When the political climate in his home of Istanbul started to take drastic turns for the worse, Ilker Kandur decided to relocate himself to one of the western world’s most historically progressive locales, and the home of many of his musical influences, San Francisco.

Teaming up with Berkeley’s legendary Fantasy Studios to handle production duties, Kandur was partnered with Dawn Richardson (4 Non Blondes, Tracy Chapman) on the drums and the pair immediately bonded over classic rock influences. The resulting EP, aptly titled Fantasy, features four heavy-hitting-yet-melodic alternative rock tracks that span the breadth of their creator’s influences.

Today, the track “Save Me” premieres exclusively at VerbicideMagazine.com. You can stream it below. The single sees its release on October 19, 2016, as Kandur performs at Brick and Mortar in San Francisco. - VerbicideMagazine

"Debut KANDUR, “DID YOU EVER” { Feathery light, almost a dark whisper. }"


Istanbul native-cum-San Francisco transplant Ilker Kandur is making a name for himself in alternative rock. Kandur’s upcoming EP, Fantasy, is comprised of four songs that he co-created with Dawn Richardson (4 Non Blondes, Tracy Chapman) in the mold of their shared classic rock influences. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of lead single and opening track “Did You Ever”.

“Did You Ever” has an almost sinister feel to it – 100% because of the featured guitar – that is both more evil and somehow more ethereal with the added vocals. First feathery light, almost a dark whisper, and then brought in stronger, belting, in the chorus. The emotion of the song is palpable with each note as he sings about seeing the light – perhaps the bright side of things – and noticing the goodness in simplicity and fleeting moments.

And praise whatever deity you hail for that gnarly guitar solo. - Impose Magazine

"Kandur - Did You Ever"

By Walter Price

Istanbul native Ilker Kandur has made a new home for himself in the California trendsetting music mecca of San Francisco and has himself a new four track EP Fantasy on the way but you don’t have to wait to get a taste of what it has in store. Kandur has a new single “Did You Ever”.

A track that opens with that taunting blues riff so brilliantly made famous by Old 97’s but the searching for hope track quickly moves into other influences such as mid-career Blur and Oasis. Then add in an actual guitar solo and Kandur’s classic indie-rock vocal style make this a track worth your earbuds.

Kudos Kandur. - Global Texan Chronicles

"Kandur Exclusive Band Interview"

Kandur Exclusive Band Interview
This week, we are going to present to our Rock, Hardrock, and Alternative Rock music fans such a fresh, a great band from San Francisco; KANDUR. Let’s hear the story of the band from Ilker Kandur’s own words and learn more about him, the band and their future plans.

The Interview with Ilker Kandur, founder of KANDUR.
1 – Who is KANDUR? Tell us about the band.

KANDUR is a rock n roll band hailing from San Francisco, CA, formed by me – Ilker Kandur. I had the idea for Kandur but it started to take it’s shape when I moved to San Francisco. I was trying to find other like minded musicians to form a band, make a record and tour but soon I understood that it was hard to connect with other people when you have nothing to show – so I decided to take 4 songs that I’ve written over the past years, that are very different from each other and record them in a badass studio with a great drummer and an amazing engineer. That connected me with lots of people and helped me form the band, we had just a couple months to rehearse and put a show but everything worked out fine and since we released our first single in August 2016, we’ve been touring around Bay Area.
2 – How do you feel since your first album; “Fantasy” release? How is the feedback from your fans so far?

I waited exactly 1 year and 9 days after the production was done to release “Fantasy” because I wanted to do it right, and as a result the feedback has been great. I’m really grateful to all the College Radio stations who played our music and all the media outlets that covered the release and the shows – without their love and support we wouldn’t be able to reach out to fans.
3 – What does the album title; “Fantasy” stands for? Tell us about the story behind it.

Fantasy is the name of the recording studio where I recorded the album. When I learned that of all those great records that have been made in that place, none of them took the name, I decided to claim it – like Beatles’ Abbey Road or Van Halen’s 5150.
4 – Every band has their own way of writing music, what can you tell about yours?

I usually come up with riffs, melodies or chord progressions first, usually when I’m practicing guitar or walking around. I usually record them in my phone, there’s a huge library in my phone of me making guitar sounds with my mouth. I lay them to rest for a while and revisit them later on and if something rings a bell, I develop that idea into a song. Lyrics and guitar solos usually come last.

5 – Tell us about your recording process, what was the most challenging factor about it? Where did you record your album? Are you satisfied with the performance?

I recorded the album in Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA. For me most challenging factor was scheduling, just because I was doing this for the first time on my own. Other than that everything went very smooth just because I was working with a very experienced team. I made sure that preproduction was solid and I was prepared for everything – so that there were no surprises in the studio. I recorded every part at home and when I was in the studio I exactly knew what I had to do. Engineer Jesse Nichols knew what type of sound was on my mind and he made me achieve it very easy.

6 – How do you guys pick the subject for lyrics and songs? What Kandur is, and will be talking about, through its music?

The good thing about “Fantasy” EP is that it has 4 very different songs in different genres. But it is a good summary of what Kandur is about. If I’d do a track by track analysis: “Did You Ever” is about going to a better place and hoping others join you in that journey. “Save Me” is a song about rebelling against people who try to control your life. “Go” is an emotional song about jealousy and “Sail Away” is about having a carefree spirit.
7 – What motivates you the most in writing? Tell us about the right atmosphere.

Pressure. I can never work when I am too comfortable so pressure and deadlines are my greatest friends when it comes to writing. I like to be kept on my toes at all times when it comes to music.
8 – Who are Kandur’s influences, Which artists, bands and albums?

Well, there are a lot of influences. We are classic rock, classic metal and 90s alternative and brit rock junkies. “Fantasy” EP is very much influenced by early Foo Fighters,Queens of the Stone Age and Oasis records, as well as late 60s – early 70s rock. When you come to our shows you might get more 70s influences of ours such as Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath. We have lot’s of classic influences but we also keep up with current rock scene. We blend all those influences and make them our own, and you get a real hand made rock n roll that pushes the music forward.
9 – Do you have any plans for the next Kandur record? Any information about When?

We’ve been writing new material for some time, it’s taking shape and I am very excited to share it as soon as possible but there is no clear schedule yet. Next record will be a full band record rather than just me writing and playing almost everything.

10 – Why Rock Music? How did you start listening to Rock music? And what did you like about it?

I think because of my mom. She used to sing me Anatolian-rock tunes as lullabies. When I was a little kid they took me to concerts in Istanbul and I was very impressed by a concert of MFO. After that moment all my drawings were MFO shows, I was singing Baris Manco songs, making my parents turn off the lights and hold a flashlight as a stagelight for me and my little plastic pink guitar. I grew up in a great time for Turkish rock music, there were bands like Athena, Kargo, Teoman that we all listened to in my school years. Then a friend of mine gave me videos of Queen at Wembley and Iron Maiden Rock in Rio which changed my life. Me and my friends were listening to Scandinavian metal bands or palm desert rock while we were playing Dungeons & Dragons. When I started to play guitar I was blown away by the power of rock playing as well, I could take all my teenage anger and rock it. So I guess it came very natural. It always occurred to me that Rock n Roll was the culture of intelligent, cool people.
11 – What makes a music band “Great” besides music, in your opinions?

The attitude and what they bring to the culture. I always loved a complete band – with their looks, attitude and their unique view of things happening around them. This doesn’t necessarily mean politically active – in fact I don’t really like bands that are too politic. Artists should be above politics.
12 – Who are the biggest supporters in your musical career? Do you have anybody who can understand what you are doing?

My wife is my biggest support, I don’t think I would’ve had the strength and will to continue making music if it wasn’t for her. Having such a support in life is priceless. My sister and the rest of my family also supports, understands and loves what I do.
13 – Do you listen to underground rock bands? Which bands/musicians? How do you find them?

I try to support my local rock scene in Bay Area as much as possible by going to shows, I guess that’s how I mainly discover new music. Other than that if I see someone who has a good taste in music shares a band on social media, I listen to them.

14 – Which bands would you like to tour the world with, if you were asked to choose? And why?

I’d love to tour with Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Alt-J, Liam Gallagher. They all release new music this year, I’m looking forward to their albums, I love their music and I think I’d learn so much from that kind of experience.

15 – Tell us about your non-rock interests, What do you do besides music? and do you also listen to other genres?

I love movies, photography and all kinds of visual arts, always try to keep my eyes open for cool stuff whenever I go to concerts, festivals or art events. California is an incredibly beautiful state and I try to find new places to go and explore.
16 – What are your Top 5 most favorite rock albums? and why?

I have more than 5 probably, but currently:
Black Sabbath “Paranoid” – Great album to listen to in every occasion.
Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” – They should teach it in schools.
Nirvana “Nevermind” – I mean.. Come on.
Red Hot Chili Peppers “Californication” – Best Chili Peppers album, it reminds me of being 12 again.
Foo Fighters “Wasting Light” – I think they perfected their sound and songwriting with this album, I love every song from this album.
17 – What’s the best concert you’ve ever attended that you did not play?

There was this Metallica show in Istanbul where the audience made that concert a memorable one, 40,000 people in a stadium singing along and performing “the wave”, it was amazing. And Metallica always puts on a great show. The first Lenny Kravitz show I went to in Kiev was really moving, he referred to Ukrainians as “my people” and it was a touching moment – even for me. And seeing him playing solos on all the instruments was really cool and inspiring. First time I saw Foo Fighters live was great, it was a moment I waited for such a long time. Same goes for Queens of the Stone Age. Also there was this free show in Kiev: Elton John opened for Queen and Adam Lambert. It was an amazing show, we sang along to all those tunes, and when they projected Freddie Mercury’s images to the screens, everybody was in tears.
18 – Tell us about the band`s future plans, any concert, or side projects?

We are starting to tour in late August and continue till we start recording again. We will have a pre tour show in Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco on July 16th. We might squeeze in a couple music videos along the way.
19 – Lastly, what would you like to say to our readers?

Thanks a lot to everyone who made it to the end of this interview. You guys rock! I hope we can come to your town someday soon to play in your favorite music venue. Until that day, listen to our music, and don’t forget to go and support your local music scene. Rock n Roll is alive and well – remember the headlines saying Rock’n’Roll is dead in the 70s. It is here and it’s happening, maybe somewhere, maybe everywhere, just go and be a part of it! - Heavy Metal Shirts

"Kandur at Bottom of the Hill"

A few days before local Bay Area band Kandur was set to open a show at Bottom of the Hill, I got a message from frontman Ilkercan Kandur about the show. Hell yeah, I’ll be there.

I’d met Ilkercan a little over a month prior at Balanced Breakfast, a music industry mixer here in the Bay. I wasn’t familiar with his music, but I love the local scene here and I love Bottom of the Hill. So I was pretty stoked to finally go check them out.

They were on the bill with Wilderado, originally from Texas but currently based out of LA, and a Virginia-based band Super Doppler, formerly known as Major and the Monbacks.

Kandur was definitely my favorite of the night. I really enjoyed them and I’d totally go see them again. They’ve got kinda classic rock’n’roll vibes, which I’m almost surprised I don’t hear so much these days. It’s a timeless kinda sound, not trying too hard to fit into a genre box.

And they were super talented too. I say that as someone who doesn’t understand guitars at all, but ya know. They seemed talented to me. I was impressed by every solo I heard.

Me: I’ll only record the songs I really like
Also me: Records almost every song

Welp, enjoy all my footage!

They covered Audioslave’s “Like a Stone” in honor of the late Chris Cornell.

If you can’t tell by the name, Ilkercan isn’t American. He’s Turkish. But his accent completely disappears when he sings, which is kinda weird but also really cool.

Sidenote because I can’t not be real with you: I wanted to say something cheesy about how we all speak the same music language, but I mean… he speaks English and was singing in English, so that doesn’t make sense like at all. Cheesy doesn’t work for me. Carry on. - Lindsay's Untitled Rock Mag




Release date: 23-Feb-2017
Label: Kandur
UPC: 859719680320
Primary Genre: Rock
Language: English


Did You Ever

Release date: 18-Aug-2016
Label: Kandur
ISRC#: TCACO1635802
UPC: 859718070191
Primary Genre: Rock
Language: English

Save Me

Release date: 19-Oct-2016
Label: Kandur
ISRC#: TCACO1635803
UPC: 859718199205
Primary Genre: Rock
Secondary Genre: Heavy Metal
Language: English



When the political climate in his home of Istanbul started to take drastic turns for the worse, Ilker Kandur decided to relocate himself to one of the western world’s most historically progressive locales, and the home of many of his musical influences, San Francisco.

Teaming up with Berkeley’s legendary Fantasy Studios to handle production duties, Kandur was partnered with Dawn Richardson (4 Non Blondes, Tracy Chapman) on the drums and the pair immediately bonded over classic rock influences. The resulting EP, aptly titled Fantasy, features four heavy-hitting-yet-melodic alternative rock tracks that span the breadth of their creator’s influences.

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