Kane Mayfield

Kane Mayfield

 Nottingham, Maryland, USA
BandHip Hop

My music is a hip hop version of quantum leap. You never really know where your going from one song to the next. I try to take you somewhere you have never been before. Creativity, raw lyricism, and fearless concepts that will make you want to laugh, cry, or party in someones face.


If you ask him to describe his music Kane Mayfield would say that “it is a hip hop version of quantum leap. You never really know where you are going from one song to the next. I try to take you somewhere you have never been before. Creativity, raw lyricism, and fearless concepts that will make you want to laugh, cry, or party in someone’s face.” If you ask anyone else the first words are usually “ Mania”.
Kane Mayfield is used to giving people more than they bargained for, from his ability to sculpt intricate lyrics to something as mundane as ordering a cup of coffee. The impossible is the ordinary, and the ordinary impossible to the man who never met a challenge he did not like. Born to be the most Guyanese Yankee to live and breathe, a strict West Indian upbringing has and still does direct Kane through his beats, rhymes and life. This Long Island raised, New Yorker to the core, has lived in almost every borough, Jersey City, Baltimore, and Florida. His flow is mapped out like the diary of a schizophrenic, decorated with broad strokes of imagery that can either delight or horrify the senses. Kane's rhyme patterns will force your expectations off a cliff, only to swing to the rescue with the timing of a Rolex. Though most rappers will give you the everyday street tales, and braggadocio, Kane is tethered to no particular topic. He can bring you from the most dangerous hallways in a bullet riddled housing project, to the executive office of Merrill Lynch. He is the proverbial iron fist beneath a white velvet glove. His vocabulary is as extensive as his street slang. This along with a standing career in finance will give even the most gutter lyrics a touch of class rarely found in today’s hip hop artists. He was raised in Amityville, NY (same as De La Soul), one town over from Wynedanch (Rakim), and just up the road from Brentwood (EPMD) and it is somewhere in the middle of all these prolific characters that he found his voice. Kane was his name before the music however. A nickname given to him by the by the same people who would later urge him to start rapping. After spending more time with friends and less time at basketball practice he was brought home in handcuffs more times than he cared to remember. In 1996 he penned his first lyrics to a Wu Tang Clan instrumental set on loop in the tape deck at the recommendation of his cousin VDC. He did, and as his bars developed the two (and their mutual cousin K.Black) formed the Linque Clique. The group was quickly picked up by a local record label Street Dreams Ent, however Kane was left out of the picture. Kane then decided that rap, and the streets where more of a headache than it was worth and became a stockbroker ala Boilerroom. Never one to back down from a challenge, he committed to it wholeheartedly working 18 hour days, while studying to pass his Series 7 exam. Still a child at heart Kane spent the majority of a six figure income chasing every vice NYC had to offer. After some personal struggles and the tragic loss of his mentor, Kane sought refuge in the only place that he could…his music. He began recording like a man possessed, spilling out all of his bile in verses that condemned turncoats, grieved losses, and coped with regret. It was during this period that he and Headphones met on the Local Baltimore music scene. Still convinced rap was his therapy and nothing more he was not easily convinced that this could be a career. Headphones being a veteran of the music business invited him to a sit down with another producer, and it was that sit down that first birthed the seeds that grew into Mania Music Group. They then met with Brandon Lackey the owner operator of Verde Grace Studio, who was also working with a few artists that he knew where full of promise. Enter Midas and Ron G and the artists had an impromptu jam session that lasted for hours. Everyone looked around and, though the words were not spoken in the air, everyone was of the same mindset……."this is going to be BIG". Soon thereafter the label was formally put together and the artists joined forces to make a Mania Music compilation album “Grand Opening”. Kane is now working on his album, and putting the finishing touches on his mixtapes and side projects. EXPECT NOTHING LESS THAN GREATNESS IN THE FUTURE.


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