Kane Pierce

Kane Pierce

 Pinson, Alabama, USA

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That's The Kind Of Thing That Tears Me Up

Written By: Kane Pierce

Verse 1:
She cries at movies like Bambi & Ghost,
and the love poems I write her oh they tear her up the most, She'll ask me - don't you have a heart
When I'm making fun of her, for falling all apart
Well, the truth is I do
I just hide it all I can
But at the end of the day, I'm just a man

And at the end of Ole Yeller I shed a tear
And old Hank Song and a couple of beers
Will probably make me break on down

A Cinderella team that wins the game
A Farmer on his knees prayin for rain
as the wind blows up another cloud of dust
That's the kind of thing that tears me up

Verse 2:
She cries at t.v., she cries, reading books
last weekend at a wedding "kiss the bride is all it took"
And she'll fight em' back
Cause she don't want me to see
But she can't hide her feelings
with her heart out on her sleeve
And she'll look at me
And try to find a tear
And she's gonna find one
About once a year

2nd Chorus

For a Flag draped coffin and a widowed wife
And all the men and women who have given their lives
And a letter to daddy placed on a hero's grave
Or when a Vet's welcome home is a protest sign
Or I think about an old friend of mine
Who's been fighting a battle for years where his minds still stuck.

That's the kind of thing that tears me up