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"Review of Shining Alive and Celtic Storm"

KANIGET is a "dark rock" band from Los Angeles, California. The band plays a style much like early 80s gloom and doom punk, the bands My Bloody Valentine, Nephlim, and even a little Christian Death come to mind. "Shining Alive" is the first song offered on the MP3 page, and it is a decent song to start out with. The voice of Rex is soulful, and has a nice harmonic tone. "Celtic Storm" is the next offering from KANIGET, and much like the first song this is much of the same, only feelings of depression or loss come to the surface. Overall this is honest, melodic, yet haunting music that is well arranged, and produced. - Space Junkies Magazine

"Strangely Brilliant"

L.A.’s Kaniget have resurrected the ghost of Jim Morrison and taken him to a Velvet Underground concert, creating a retro but fresh psychedelic trip. The obvious Doors/VU influences are given a more ethereal, eerie vibe, with touches of 80’s era Midwest punk, new age ambiance, and subtle goth throb. When you weave this with tortured, emotive vocals and quietly insane guitar work, the result is music with a strange sort of brilliance. - Music Morsels

"Dark with Glimmers of Humor and Wit"

Kaniget means knight and is also a satirical twist on the type of music this four person band plays. Kaniget is Harry Martin (lead guitar, synths and vocals), Surekha Zwenaju (bass, synths and vocals), Paul McEwan (drums) and Bernadette DeJoya (rhythm guitar). Kaniget's sound is dark rock, blending goth, punk rock, 80's with a dash of middle eastern music. They cite a wide range of influences from The Beatles to Social Distortion. Song topics span from sarcastic to sentimental. Their self-titled, ten-track CD is sinister with anguished arrangements and lyrics often executed by a pained vocalist. The songs cover a diverse range of subjects but stick to a dark theme with glimmers of humor and wit. Kaniget is original, carrying on the tradition of goth through intricate performances of compelling songs. - Kweevak


Get Lost!
Black Dance
Wasting My Breath
Feel The Fire
Shining Alive
Blow Up The UK!
My Friend The Bottle
Celtic Storm
Soul Of The Mystic Wind



Bassist, Indian rock goddess Surekha "Rex" Zwenaju, and long time guitar guru Harry Martin, have joined forces to create an album that exudes their love of rock n' roll, dry English humor and impish mayhem. The self-entitled album combines goth and punk rock, with the occasional hint of 80s, classic rock, and eastern music. Influences are as diverse as Rob Zombie, Duran Duran, Social Distortion, the Beatles, and Ravi Shankar. The result is a dark vision of music which is at one time tender, insightful, and sentimental, while at other times showing a sharp wit, sarcasm, and dry humor, forming the heavy head banging, foot stomping, yet fun and hips rolling mosh that is the foundation of Kaniget.