Syracuse, New York, USA

Kanjira (kahn-jeer-ahh!) is an impossible to pigeonhole blend of Jazz, Pop & World-music influence. Fresh, original arrangements that always take you on a musical journey by composers as diverse as Sting, Bela Fleck, Miles Davis to Pat Metheny.


Kanjira is named for a style of drum from India. It's apropos, because one of the signature aspect of this band is their bag of musical instruments, including several guitars, a trumpet, a recorder, a pan flute, EWI, several drums, ukulele, toy piano and voices. It may sound a little too smorgasbordish, but the intent of these players, Karl Sperber, Carl Lovell and Tamaralee Shutt, is to take you on a musical journey. Their arrangements and interpretations of jazz, folk, R&B and world music classics are always an adventure in listening. With backgrounds in classical guitar, symphony orchestra, jazz big band, spiritual, gospel, musical theatre and pop - Kanjira is a trio that defies categorization.


Soon to come!