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Caribbean gospel music featuring calypso, soca,raggasoca and reggae rhythms, with beautiful steelpan music lines complementing some tracks.


Being born in the Caribbean, the music is influenced by that background of calypso and reggae culture. The steelpan (also indigenous of the Caribbean) has a strong presence in some tracks. However, the lyrics remain as gospel ones.


Beware-(Track 1)

Written By: Kenny

Music and Lyrics written by Kenny Wallace

VERSE 1: You children of this land
Watch out for the devil
For he has a grand plan
To get you in trouble
He will come in your way
In all form and fashion
But don't you let him stay
To form an addiction

CHORUS: Keep on chasing him away
Keep on pushing him away
Keep on driving him away
You don't want him near you
Keep on chasing him away
Keep on pushing him away
Keep on fighting him away
He must not deceive you

VERSE2: He loves to tempt people
Does not care who you are now
He tries to get to you
To see if you will bow
He feeds you with evil
To see how you respond
That creature the devil
He strives to form a bond

CHORUS (as above)

VERSE 3: But have faith my people
You don't have to bother
When you are in trouble
Just rely on the Saviour
He will be always there
To love and protect you
All your pains He will bear
Don't matter what you do.

He jabs you in the morning and he jabs you in the night
He jabs you in the evening and in broad daylight
He jabs you when you're sleeping he jabs you when you're awake
He jabs you and he jabs you till you just can't take

Trust In Jesus-(Track 2)

Written By: Kenny Wallace

Music and Lyrics written by Kenny Wallace

Sometimes you feel depressed, melancholy
Things bothering you all day and all night
Just turn to Christ and you will be merry
And everything will turn out all right.

Put your case before Jesus
He's the one who knows what to do
Put your trust now in Jesus
For he'll be always there just for you

For He'll be there
He'll be there
He'll be there
Just for you
He'll be there
Yes He'll be there
He'll be there
Just for you

Sometimes you are in debt you can't get out
And nothing seems to work right for you
Just ask the Lord to turn things right about
And soon you will be free of that too

Sometimes you're sick and wish to get better
You have no strength and you are in pain
Go to the Lord, he is the healer
Soon you'll be on your feet once again

Lift Him Higher-(Track 3)

Written By: Kenny Wallace

Music and Lyrics by Kenny Wallace

He came to earth to set the captives free
From sin and hate, evil and poverty
The Lamb of God was sacrificed for me
To cleanse my soul to God the glory be
Llft Him higher

Judged by decree He bore the cross of sin
Falsely accused He hurt from deep within
The Lamb of God was villified for me
Nailed to that cross He died on calvary
Lift Him higher

When all was done He said it was finished
Sorrow and pain for all He was punished
The Lamb of God was crucified for me
Saved by His blood my Jesus died for me
Lift Him higher

But soon He rose and pushed away the stone
And there He was sitting on heaven's throne
The lamb of God had given His life for me
Great is the Lord for setting us all free

El Poder-(Track 4)

Written By: Kenny Wallace

Music and Lyrics written by Kenny Wallace

My God my redeemer
Dios mio, mi redentor

You provide me with power
Me abasteces de poder

My Lord and my saviour
Mi Senor mi salvador

You provide me with power
Me abasteces de poder

You give me power to heal the sick
Me das poder para sanar a los enfermos

You give power to speak in tongues
Me das poder para hablar en lenguas

You give power to chase demons
Me das poder para ahuyentar demonios

Glory to you Lord on high
Gloria a ti Senor de las alturas

You give power to cancel debt
Me das el poder de cancelar mi deuda

You give power to speak your word
Me das el poder de hablar tu palabra

You give power to know the truth
Me das el poder de saber la verdad

Glory to you mighty one
Gloria a ti todo poderoso

You give me the power ( 8 times )
Me das el poder

Life-(Track 8)

Written By: Kenny Wallace

Music and Lyrics written by Kenny Wallace

VERSE 1: Life is a struggle
Against satan the devil
Temptations, distractions
Trials, tribulations.
We have to be strong
For those we're among
Powerful evil forces
Influence our courses

VERSE 2: So many atrocities
Terrorists activities
Murders, rapes and indulgence
In domestic violence
Such diabolical deeds
Can impair our needs
Prayers are what now are needed
Satan will be defeated

CODA:Oh, Oh,Oh, Oh,Oh....we must resist the devil.

Burn-(Track 14)

Written By: Kenny Wallace

Music and Lyrics written by Kenny Wallace

VERSE 1: Take heed my friend and get your life in order
To follow Jesus Christ in every way
Live a straight life there isn't any other
Or you will have a heavy price to pay

CHORUS: Because you will burn...burn
Burn in the fires of hell
You will burn ( 3xs )

VERSE 2: The things in life you seem to want to follow
Will surely take you to the depths of hell
Those things my friend will only lead to sorrow
And you'll be known as one who also fell

CODA : We must get our lives in order
Or we'll all burn in hell ( Repeat both lines )

VERSE 3: A life of righteousness is what is needed
Praising the Saviour morning,noon and night
Give Him the glory and you'll be rewarded
Don't disobey, serve Christ with all your might


Debut Album - THE POWER- (El Poder)- 14 songs
All tracks available as streaming MP3 format. New mini-album is in the process of being recorded and released. It will consist of gospel music in calypso and reggae rhythms.