Kanvas Grey

Kanvas Grey


A blend of hard hitting rhythms and emotional melodies Kanvas Grey are an alternative to your average rock band. With high vocals and soaring guitars the songs open ears and minds with their tight and energetic live shows.


From Melbourne, Australia Kanvas Grey have grown into one of the city's best independant bands. With a UK tour already under their belts Kanvas Grey are hitting 2007 with hopes of another tour and more success to follow.

Ben Thomas is the frontman of the group and main songwriter. Their 2006 release "Unless You Fall" is the band's best work to date with a live show to match. The energy created onstage is something that gives an audience a sense of awe and anticipation.

Melbourne, Australia has had a lot to offer the music world of late and its latest submission is Kanvas Grey.
KG are a top-notch rock act with parallels often drawn to the Buckleys or Matthews’ of the world, but with a large portion of something you can’t quite put your finger on.

With a live show easily surpassing anything they could capture on a recording, this is one band dedicated to putting the skill back into making music. They never disappoint.

2006 saw the band release their album “unless you fall” followed by a UK tour with great success. 2007 The band are already back in the studio recording their follow up album which will be sure to turn heads and ears.


Unless You Fall - Full Length Album (2006)
Kanvas Grey - Self Titles EP (2006)
Sweet Dreams - Single (2006)
So Much To Learn - EP (2004)
Hope - Album (2001)