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Kanvas Grey


Kanvas Grey sounds different. We stay away from the generic, opting instead for an eclectic mix of what is essentially rock, but mixed with many other styles. Each song is a different emotion and each lyric is meaningful. The passion behind our music is what keeps attracting new fans.


Kanvas Grey - Bio

Past Touring:
Local – Melbourne – extensive touring
Regional – Victoria – extensive touring
National – Adelaide, Sydney, Newcastle, Albury – yearly touring.
International – United Kingdom – 25 shows in 5 weeks across England and Wales - 2006

Online distribution – iTunes and 250 other online retailers through The Orchard
Physical Distribution – CDs available for purchase in stores through MGM
Touring – Booking by Scene Artists

Previous Promotion:
Radio play over the years on – FoxFM (and national affiliates through Austereo's 2day network), K-rock (geelong), local commercial stations (Shepparton, Warrnambool, Bendigo, Ballarat and other regional Victorian centres), independent stations including PBSFM, SYNFM, etc. International radio play on UK stations both commercial and independent including Radio5. USA college stations and many independent radio stations. Online radio and podcasts worldwide.
Television feature on ch31 (Melbourne).
Press coverage (articles, reviews) in publications including Beat, Impress, Hot Press, Herald Sun, S-Press, Buzz, DB Magazine, etc. Also many online publications and news sites.

Upcoming Promotion:
Featured band on US cable TV show Project MyWorld screening in December 2007 to an audience of 45 million.
Feature in publications across Australia.

Upcoming Projects:
New album currently being recorded. Self Titled.

Upcoming Tours:
National Australian Tour in November/December 2007
USA tour – February/March 2008

Points of Interest:
There has been talk of a national commercial radio station assisting with the US tour. Details are confidential at this point.
The new album is Kanvas Grey's best work yet and has huge potential in both the commercial and underground markets – hence it will be released self-titled.
The Project MyWorld team were so impressed with Kanvas Grey that they declared the band “the best from both seasons of the show” and pledged their support with the US tour. The show's director will be using the film clip in his personal professional showreel.
With promised support and potential affiliations with various media partners, Kanvas Grey hope to reach a further 50 million people (in addition to the 45 million from the Project MyWorld audience) by July 2008.
The Band has made the decision to release the new album as well as the entire back catalogue and live recordings FREE from their website. Each song will have a 15 second personal introduction from the band with a spoken advertisement directing the listener to KanvasGrey.com for more songs and to check out sponsors.
Upon return to Australia Kanvas Grey intend to break the world record for Longest Concert by a Band. To do this KG will be required to play for 70 hours. The concert will be free to the public and will have giveaways and other activities throughout the performance. The band are currently holding 8hour rehearsals building up to the event.


2002 - "Hope" - album
2004 - "So Much to Learn" - EP
2005 - "Sweet Dreams" - EP
2006 - "Unless You Fall" - album
2007 - "Kanvas Grey" - album

Set List

No typical set for Kanvas Grey. We play anywhere between 30mins and 3hrs and have enough quality material to keep the crowd entertained. Every set is different.