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Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE | AFTRA

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Art Rock


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KAO=S @ Autódromo José Carlos Pace

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil



"Japanese rock inspires spellbinding dance"

Tokyo-based rock band KAO=S is well-known for their unique performances. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout reports. - CNN program "Art of Movement"

"live review of Japanese band who brilliantly combine the old and the new"

KAO:S are like nothing else I’ve seen before.

They are on stage playing a swirling combination of Japanese traditional instruments, a samurai sword is swirling through the air and ecstatic melodies are entwining the whole thing but in a modern, this is now, kinda way.

This is a combination of traditional Japanese music with swords, thrilling songs and martial arts that are somehow turned into a modern music as they sound like 2014 which straddles the trad Japanese with a soaring and ambitious theatrical music that hints at the kind of theatre world of, lets say, Kate Bush’s stunning vision.

KAO:S are thrillingly original and have the songs to back it up.

The band play traditional Japanese instruments- strange shaped things with double strings and create a stark and beautiful sound for the sword swinging vocalist, Kaori Kawabuchi, to soar over. She has an amazing voice that leaps around the melodies and she somehow manages to do this whilst she charismatically sex dances with the swinging sword to the song’s ebbs and flows. It’s spellbinding and thrilling and a total new noise in a world stuffed full of repetition.

Formed in 2011 by Kaori Kawabuchi (vocal/sword dance), Shuji Yamagiri (acoustic guitar/vocal) and Jack (Tsugaru-Shamisen) they are part of a new Japanese music that doesn’t run away from its own musical history but has no interest in being a museum piece. This is the ancient and the modern rolled into one and could easily work in the UK and the West with its channeling of the perfect past into a modern music. A music that is delivered with the sheer charisma of the performers.

Fired up to form after the 2011 Japanese earthquake their very formation reflects the chaos that was Japan after the disaster. They were a band with a plan and combined elements from Japanese culture with influences from rock and musical theatre. Their sound is a blend of twin vocals and heavy acoustic guitar, overlaid with traditional Japanese instruments like the three-string Tsugaru shamisen and using a full range of effects. Complemented by Kaori’s spellbindingly powerful sword dance, KAO:S have quickly gained people’s attention in Japan and seem a dead cert for success in the west.

This is no normal band, aside from their music, the members engage in a variety of related art from the manga to their martial arts. This is a band that teaches samuri sword dance and writes the kind of songs that could easily crossover. If they play the right festivals in the UK, like Glastonbury etc, they will a dead cert for breakthrough. As they soar away on another fantastic song they have pulled you into their world because they have the music, the looks, the style and the originality to stand out in an overcrowded world simply because they are breath takingly brilliant.

As Nitesche once sort of said, ‘Out of KAO:S comes order…’ - Louder than War (UK) by John Robb

"The Original Instrument! The First in the World! Yomisen(First Part)"

Japanese Art Rockband KAO=S (Pronunciation: chaos) (To learn more about KAO=S, follow this link) members interview different Japanese entertainers. In this second interview, the lead Shamisen (Japanese-style Banjo-like instrument) performer JACK introduces his invention, the world’s first Yomisen. - Japan Amazing Magazine

"The Original Instrument! The First in the World! Yomisen(Second Part)"

Japanese Art Rockband KAO=S members interview different Japanese entertainers. In this second interview, the lead Shamisen (Japanese-style Banjo-like instrument) performer JACK introduces his invention, the world’s first Yomisen. This time, JACK will tell us about the secrets behind creating the Yomisen and what kind of songs it will be used for in the future. - Japan Amazing Magazine


Exclusive Interview with Japanese Art Performance Rock Band KAO=S in Tokyo, Japan with LaLa Sukura's My JHouse Rocks.
Also KAO=S EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Part 2 of 3 [English Sub] published in YouTube. - My JHouse Rocks (US)

"Interview with KAO=S"

Where rock music and sword dancing collide.
Interview with KAO=S / interview - 09.30.2015 20:01 / author: Silverfaye

Art-rockers KAO=S speak to JaME about mixing rock music with sword dances, and shamisenist Jack's new invention: a four-stringed shamisen. - JaME World

"KAO=S, between tradition & modernity!"

We just got a plenty conversation with this Japanese group who will debut on stage in Latin America for the Hanabi Matsuri at Sao Paulo on September, after his successful show at Tokyo International Music Market, his awesome featuring on CNN International, and his remembered American tour in Japan Nite 2012.
Pedro Suarez.

If I summarize my meeting with Kaori, Shuji, and Jack for that first time in one sentence, I would tell you that it was a plenty meeting friends. Period. Thus, I have known KAO=S on US Tour Japan Nite 2012 at Public Assembly, in the Williamsburg neighborhood now became in the hipster heart in Brooklyn. I remember that, despite the tiredness, they gave us this outgoing greeting to Latin America in the mood of their humble although the cold weather; they have talked about their music, their spotless live show and their passion promoting the traditional Japanese music mixed with modern sounds. At that time, they were so joyful overflowing their hearts due this abroad debut for the first time, but also they had several good reviews and positive answers received both at SXSW as his concert at Double Door in Chicago. Perhaps some of the memories that I will never forget was his reaction when we were introduce them as Latinos journalists covering this Japanese event, so we encourage them to be able to dream of performing in any stage in Latin America in the future. Now, that dream came true! - Colectivo Bunka (Colombia)

"KAO=S New Album Release, CNN Coverage and Interview"

Japanese Art Rock Band “KAO=S”..............
will release the online digital version of their new album“Dawn of the Planet Chaos” at the end of October, and will release the CD in November. KAO=S will hold a live-show on the 20th of November at Star Pine's Cafe in Kichijoji, Tokyo. They will play songs from the new album at the show. - My JHouse Rock (US)

"Take a look at the Next Generation Band “KAO=S”! JAPANxROCK"

Do you know of the band KAO=S?
KAO=S is a band created in 2011. It has rare members, with the three members being a sword dancer and vocalist, an acoustic guitar player, and an electric Shamisen (Japanese three-stringed instrument, similar to a banjo) player. They have already performed abroad, being a part of events such as America’s South by Southwest Music Festival and France’s JAPAN EXPO. - Japan Amazing Magazine

"KAO=S will appear at the special event “Japanese / Brazilian Friendship 120th anniversary ”"

Japanese Art Rock Band KAO=S will appear at the “Hanabi Matsuri (Fireworks Festival) “ held in Sao Paulo on the12th of September. This is a special event to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Japanese and Brazilian friendship (120 anos de amizade Japão/Brasil.) The event will be held at the Intel Lagos circuit (Autódromo José Carlos Pace,) well known for hosting Formula One races. The event starts at 11:00 a.m. and the opera “Madam Butterfly” will have show on stage. Brazilian band Animadness (a band specialising in Japanese anime music) and Japanese female SKA band ORESKABAND will appear live as well. At night, about 4,500 fireworks will be launched by Japanese pyrotechnicians. Celebrated Japanese fashion designer Junko Koshino will produce the fireworks display. KAO=S will appear on stage from 3:30 pm and will perform a one hour show. (Photo by Mikio Ariga)

Over 400 Japanese / Brazilian Friendship 120th anniversary events will be held this year in Brazil, and “Hanabi Matsuri” is one of the biggest of these. This event will be KAO=S’s first performance in Brazil, which they feel is a great honour and will be a pleasure to do. KAO=S will perform songs from their new album in this event. The new album will be released this autumn. KAO=S will also appear at other events in various countries in September., including an international friendship event in Dalian. KAO=S will play their first live performance in China on September 4th and 5th. KAO=S will meet with many overseas fans and people in September.

Official Website link of Hanabi Maturi http://hanabimatsuri.com.br/hm15/ - SYNC MUSIC

"Banda japonesa KAO=S"

A banda japonesa KAO=S une acordes do tsugaru shamisen e da guitarra para criar som próprio que leva para o mesmo palco o oriente e ocidente. À maestria com as cordas de Shuji Yamagiri (guitarra e vocal) e Jack (tsugaru shamisen), junta-se a voz de Kaori Kawabuchi que incrementa os shows com sua performance de dança e espada. - See more at: http://madeinjapan.com.br/2015/09/28/banda-japonesa-kaos/#sthash.sKrjnX3D.dpuf

by Karin Kimura · 28 de setembro de 2015 - Made in Japan (Brazil)

"Kao=S no Brasil"

Grupo extremamente técnico e com beleza estética no palco, o Kao=S foi fundado em 2011 com Kaori Kawabuchi (vocal), Shuji Yamagiri (guitarra e vocal) e Jack (tsugaru shamisen) e traz pela primeira vez ao Brasil um novo conceito musical, no palco do Hanabi Matsuri, no dia 12 de setembro. O grupo combina elementos tradicionais japoneses e estilos modernos como o rock, além de combinar em seus espetáculos encenações e elementos teatrais. A dançarina Kawabuchi mescla a música com a arte performática da dança com espada com maestria, o que fez com que ficasse conhecida como “Lady Samurai”. Já o guitarrista Yamagiri, é também o compositor das músicas para um arranjo com o instrumento típico japonês de três cordas, o tsugaru shamisen tocado por Jack. - See more at: http://madeinjapan.uol.com.br/2015/09/05/kaos-no-brasil/#sthash.pd2XpZnG.dpuf - Made in Japan (Brazil)

"日本のロックバンドがCNNで紹介され話題に 海外で引っ張りだこの理由とは?"

日本の伝統音楽をベースにしたロックバンド KAO=Sが、世界200カ国で放映されているCNN Internationalの番組『The Art Of Movement』で紹介され話題となっている。

プロフィールを見ると、テキサス州オースティンで開催される世界的にも注目度の高い音楽見本市SXSWへ複数回出演したり、フランスなどでも高い評価を得てJAPAN EXPOなどの常連であるなど、日本的な要素を世界に打ち出しているバンドのようだ。 - AOL news



KAO=S is Japanese Art Rock Band that member are Kaori “Lady Samurai” Kawabuchi;Vocal / Sword performance, Jack;Tsugaru Shamisen and Shuji Yamagiri;Acostic Guitar / Vocal.
KAO=S was founded in Tokyo, in April 2011. Out of the turmoil that followed the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, the band distilled a new style of Japanese art to bring to the world, which it termed ‘chaos’ or, following the Japanese pronunciation, KAO=S (‘Kah-oss’).
KAO=S’ sound is a blend of vocals and acoustic guitar, overlaid with traditional Japanese instruments such as the three-string Tsugaru shamisen, using a full range of effects. Complemented by Kaori’s spellbindingly powerful sword dance, KAO=S quickly caught
people’s attention.

In 2012, KAO=S was invited to perform at SXSW2012, and the band embarked on a nationwide U.S. tour. (Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.)

In 2013, KAO=S performed at SXSW again. They did European Tour in Frankfurt, London, and Paris. KAO=S appeared at JAPAN EXPO 2013 in France. KAO=S performed on the main stage and received a great response from the audience thanks to the unique sound of their raw instruments. They received wide media coverage of their performance. 

In2014, KAO=S signed a contract with German record label to release a single in July, and KAO=S performed a live show at the Tokyo International Music Market in October. They were greatly received by the many overseas buyers who attended the event. KAO=S were asked to appear on CNN International program "The Art of Movement" on November. They were the first Japanese band to covered by this program. KAO=S's episode aired in January.

CNN International / The Art of MovementURL

In 2015, KAO=S appeared at international friendship events held in Dalian City, China on September 4 and 5th. It was KAO=S's first live performance in Asia outside of Japan. KAO=S appeared at the “Hanabi Matsuri (Fireworks Festival) “ held in Sao Paulo on the 12th of September. This was a special event to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Japanese and Brazilian friendship (120 anos de amizade Japao/Brasil.) The event held at the Intel Lagos circuit (Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace,) well known for hosting Formula One races.

In 2016, KAO=S will appear to SXSW 2016 and will have second U.S. Tour planned.

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