K.A.O.S. (Killing All Original Sounds)
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K.A.O.S. (Killing All Original Sounds)


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"Killing.All.Original.Sounds. Vol. 1"

"Killing.All.Original.Sounds. Vol. 2"

"Killing.All.Original.Sounds. Vol. 3"



It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what Dj Frank-DuX & tDOTace do in their performance. Imagine a Dj who sounds like a mixture of Jazzy Jeff, Kid Capri, and Dj AM. Now imagine a drummer who sounds like a mixture of Tommy Lee, Travis Barker, and Questlove. Now picture the short Mexicans that cut your yard. Open your eyes. Meet K.A.O.S. Their routine is not only modeled, but is a tribute, to the "Fix Your Face" routine that Travis Barker and Dj AM pioneered. Born and raised in the culturally diverse city of El Paso, TX, the duo's musical influence spans across a wide spectrum. "We picked K.A.O.S. as a name because chaos accurately describes what we do..." says Dj Frank-DuX. In a 1 hour performance you will hear anything from Top 40 Pop to Classic Rock to Hip-Hop to Salsa to Children's Theme Music blended in such a way to give you that "did that just happen" moment over and over again. tDOTace adds, "We want our performance to mean something. Give you something to tell your friends about."