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Deep and in-depth artist with a diverse flow that can make the split-second leap from aggressive to melodic in the middle of a rhyme. Very unique voice that has a straight forward, almost blunt, pitch. Can make a memorable hook on almost any given beat.


Kaotik was born Stephen Pippin in Cookeville, Tennessee on March 21, 1984. At the young age of 7, he became interested in hip hop and performed his first rap in the second grade at his class' talent show. Became serious about writing his freshman year after being influenced by such artists as 2pac, Bone Thugs n Harmony, DMX, Ja Rule and other rappers at that time. After several years of working on his craft, Kaotik eventually dropped his first album entitled "Poem of a Stranger" in January of 2006. After recieving mixed reviews due to the controversial content of the album, Kaotik was named by HipHopLinguistics.com as "One Of The Best Underground Artists Of 2006". He recently released his new album "Writin' At Night" on October 1, 2007. For more information, visit Myspace.com/Kaotik4Life


Wonder Why

Written By: Kaotik, Technique of Twilight Productions

I wonder-wonder why/
U forgot about me/
So soon after I/
Sent U those flowers/

I wonder-wonder why/
We can't just be/
And let the moment just/
Just be about us/

(Verse 1)
I'd say U felt discouraged/ Touched by the early mornin' service/ Breakfast in bed baby, sorry that I hurt ya/ Still learnin'/ Don't deserve it/ See the wheel of life turnin'/ Don't touch it/ U never can take me serious.../ How's it gonna feel when I really ain't with ya?/ Baby here's your picture, I kept it/ Found one of Ur letters and I read it/ U made me feel accepted/ When I was just an outcast/ U said that I should quit smokin', I ain't 'bout that/ Girl, don't get mad/ U look pretty in that/ Why U always look sad?/ When I try 2 ask U questions U just roll Ur eyes back, like/ What I say's dumb, U ain't really even tryin'/ U always be cryin'/ And label me a lier/ Baby, we dyin'/ And I ain't feelin' guilty/ That part of U has killed me/ And now I...

(Verse 2)
U got me just a little bit distracted/ Some kind of off-track shit/ There is no more attraction/ We be a disaster/ That's about 2 happen/ U flirt with every guy and yeah U know I'm mackin' (I'm playin)/ U call me irresponsible/ But if I'm on my deathbed I pray Ur in my hospital/ I'm fond of Ur eyes and Ur pretty little shape/ And I know Ur so smart and dress up just for me/ I used 2 love your laugh but ain't heard it for so long girl/ Used 2 be so close now we in our own world/ It's almost like we all-a-sudden just broke down/ Burned all Ur pictures and I threw Ur notes out/ Joke now/ Laugh at me again while I'm saddened/ To hell with all the bullshit, this boi right here has had it/ Enough backstabbin'/ Even though I'm told "That's the way it goes"/ They love ya then they don't/ Now I...

My Last Ride

Written By: Kaotik, Technique of Twilight Productions

Remember these things while I am on my last ride/

(I find 'em)

In the back of my mind, I cry for the last time/

(Still, I find 'em)

(Verse 1)
Takin' off my shoes while I walk along the grass/ Lookin' at the sky like my life ain't that bad/ Got a good past but that passed right behind me/ I see a better place just up over that horizon/ Walk along the sand, as I glance, at the ocean/ Dance to the silence, the people never notice/ Thinkin' 'bout the things that I never knew before this/ My life went so fast but this day's been (slow motion)/ I stop 2 feel the breeze on my cheek I got no problems/ Trapped in this moment like the Father God paused it/ I fall 2 my knees and I breathe so slowly/ Said all my goodbye's to the people that may know/ Cradlin' my arms as I bring them to my chest/ I live my life afraid of this, now I just accept/ THe best part of life, realize my journey/ I feel the Lord's embrace so nobody else can hurt me (He Said)/ "Take all of the time... All the time you gon' need"/ Like throughout all of our history this moment's meant for me/ All the bad things, just erace 'em from my mind/ Givin' me the last time to think about my life/ My mom and my dad, both at Christmas time/ Both my sisters laugh with that joy in their eyes/ My neices and nephews all playin' outside/ I remember these things while I'm on my last ride/

(Verse 2)
A breath of release, releases me/ Closin' both my eyes, but before I do, I see/ Palm trees wavin' as the sun just sets behind 'em/ I will remember this when my spirit moves just like 'em/ Suddenly I'm weightless, suddenly I'm flyin'/ Lookin at the people as they see my body lyin/ Watch 'em run to me as the water just rubs me/ I feel, I feel everything, that body feels nothin'/ Up around the clouds, I just let my feet dangle/ I used 2 trust nobody, now I love all strangers/ I used 2 always worry/ Now I feel so perfect/ An angel at my side says "I'll take you home, you've earned it"/ Lookin' at my arms, no more scars, I'm shinin'/ Prepared to meet the Son and my mansion made of diamonds/ That's when I see the stars (and the moon) just pass 'em/ I see the sunshine and I notice every planet/ THe milky way fades in the distance/ That's when I see the gates, and I see HIM/ Both arms open but I couldn't even make it/ I fall 2 both knees and I cry be4 My Savior/ "I really don't deserve this...", is all I'm really thinkin'/ Every praise I make is just another way to thank HIM/ I couldn't even move then I feel His arms hug me/ All the angels sing as He tells me how he loves me... my last ride!

Down Wit Me

Written By: Kaotik, VTZ (producer)

(Verse 1)
Mix up all my memories in little tiny boxes/
And hide 'em in the attic like I never really thought them/
Cuz I got a new thing, U can't mess with homie's swagger/
She likes me as a rapper/
But says I have no fashion/
Cuz all I wear is wife beaters, smellin' of that gonja/
She never used 2 like it, now she likes it cuz I love it/
She never wore a boggin', now she wears mine all the time/
I even bought her one said "Kaotik" on the side/
So U'll know Ur mine and everyone can tell it now/
But U don't really care, cuz U always hold me down/
U a soldier, and babe, that's what I love about ya/
U different from these people that just muthafuckin' love 2 doubt me/
Let the crowd whisper/
Let their mouth's figure/
Go ahead and join 'em and U'll be the one that bows wit 'em/
Hold me down/
Whenever we in town, lights the only thing we seein'/
Cuz we caught up in the moment, feel the bass from the speakers/

Are ya down wit me now?/
I said baby hold me down/
Could've swore I seen an angel when I seen U in that gown/
Are U down wit me?/

down wit me... down wit me... down wit me...

Baby, are ya down wit me?/

down wit me... down wit me...

Still I picture all of this just like everything is just fine/
U and I 2nite, in my ride/
Cuz ya down wit me/

down wit me... down wit me... down wit me/

Knew it all along, babygirl, U be so down wit me/

(Verse 2)
I'm holdin' on to baby, man, I'm talkin' every word/
And I'm callin' U a liar if U say U never hurt/
Not once/
Don't front/
Tell me, what's the point of love/
If U only feel the ups/
Swear, U'll never feel enough/
When it's all said and done/
U'll have memories of good times/
Dance away the pain 2 assure Urself a good night/
Bet ya never thought/
That it'd ever really stop/
For that moment we felt like, it's just U and me and God/
And I love it that U thought that/
See, me and U the same girl/
That's why U laugh at all my jokes, though I tell the same ones/
Everything's so slow, even though I feel Ur motions/
Ur always touchin' me and my hands are always on ya/
I'm writin' U these love letters/
U could do better/
But U love me more than life and I love U more than ever/
Babygirl, U special, let no one tell U different/
That's why it only takes an hour for this boy right here 2 miss ya/

Repeat hook...


"Poem of a Stranger" (Jan. 15, 2006)
"Writin' At Night" (Oct. 1, 2007)

Producer credit:
"Early In The Mornin'" - Dream Big Entertainment
"Down Wit Me" - VTZ
"My Last Ride" - Enigma of Twilight Productions
"Wonder Why" - Enigma of Twilight Productions

*"Early In The Mornin'" is set to be featured in the new DMX movie "Jump Out Boys" by Most Wanted Films.

Set List

"Dirty" ft. Valley
"Early In The Mornin'"
"Wonder Why"
"Ain't Got Nothin'"
"Rock Bottom" ft. Valley
"Get Blown" ft. Valley
"My Last Ride"

Tracks : 1-12
Length: 3 min-2 hrs