Cookeville, Tennessee, USA
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A deep, rugged voiced in-depth rap artist from Cookeville, Tennessee with a talent for writing that dates back to 2nd grade. Has the ability to leap from a highly energized rap flow to a soft, mellow harmonization with very fluid, seemingly effortless transaction.


Kaotik was born Stephen Daniel Pippin in Cookeville, Tennessee on March 21, 1984. At the young age of 7, he became interested in hip hop and performed his first rap in the second grade at his class' talent show. Became serious about writing his freshman year after being influenced by such artists as 2pac, Bone Thugs n Harmony, DMX, Ja Rule and other rappers at that time. After several years of working on his craft, Kaotik eventually dropped his first album entitled "Poem of a Stranger" in January of 2006. After recieving mixed reviews due to the controversial content of the album, Kaotik was named by HipHopLinguistics.com as "One Of The Best Underground Artists Of 2006". He released his sophomore album "Writin' At Night" on October 1, 2007. Kaotik is currently working on an album with fellow local artist Valley as well as his third solo. For more information, visit Myspace.com/Kaotik4Life


1st album: "Poem of a Stranger" (2005)
2nd album: "Writin' At Night" (2007)
3rd album: "The Awakening" (2011)

1st mixtape: "Lost Tapez" (2006)
2nd mixtape: "Oblivion" (2008)
3rd mixtape: "Ballin'" (2009)
4th mixtape: "Get Lift'd" (2010)
5th mixtape: "Golden" (2010)
6th mixtape: "Still High" (2010)

Set List

"Purple Haze"
"One 4 Me" ft. Sho-Down
"I Still Rise"