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To pursue music in another location, 25-year-old Kapeesh moved from Ventura, California, to San Fernando Valley. He says, “I’m into people watching/judging, failing relationships, and being myself. My music tends to be about these things.”

After watching a couple videos, “Feeling Her” and “Slideshow”, I was feeling him. Those were the first two that stuck out to me, because they personal, and I liked the vulnerability. I then discovered that both of those songs are from his 2nd mixtape “Hard Feelings” (his first was “E.verybody G.ets O.ne“).

I’ve grown so much since “E.G.O.” All of these songs were written over the last year where I spent a lot of time performing and genre exploring. I found myself and lost myself with this album. This album birthed a few relationships and ended a few more. No hard feelings…

Looking for something more recent? Well, ok. This February, Kapeesh dropped a 5-track project called “That Racket“, with The Beatfarmer on production. In comparison to “Hard Feelings“, this is different, fast-paced, and wacky. - Crayon Beats

Hip-hop artist Kapeesh, a Ventura County native and L.A. transplant, has released his wrenching record Pretty Blues with a poetry chapbook to accompany it. Give it a look-hear at kapeesh.bandcamp.com/album/pretty-blues - Ventura County Reporter

Since posting about Kapeesh in March, he’s released a brand new album, titled “Pretty Blues“, on July 13th. This album is his exploration of the stages he went through after the ending of a serious relationship. “Through wanting her back, through realizing we were really done (forever this time), to falling in love again, it’s all on Pretty Blues.”

If you’re already familiar with Kapeesh‘s music, then you will know how versatile his music is. On “Pretty Blues“, he gets open and vulnerable, as he puts his heart and every raw emotion he felt from that experience, into this 11-track project; anger, sadness, heartbreak, pain, letting go… and sexual desires. He breaks down his walls for this album, and lets all of us in to listen to and gaze into his emotional blues. Not in a sadistic way, of course. Just feel it and take part in the experience… as either an on-looker or one that can relate. It’s both artistic and full of honesty.

I will briefly talk about a few songs. All of them are great, though. I will first say that this is going among my “Favorite Albums of 2012?.

One of my favorite songs on the album, “Sippy Cup“, is where Kapeesh gets on a Shlohmo beat and spits angry, frustrated lyrics that, I can only assume, were freshly written to describe the argument and the relationship’s demise.

“I look up and try and move on with my words at times, and laugh // Really fuckin’ hard at my attempts // Disappointed, swearing, how I’m so much smarter than this // Everything I’d ever loved was stolen from my finger tips… [...] She doesn’t fight for shit, other than her right to party // I didn’t need her to be there, just to be sorry // You’re damn right, I’m still bitter // But, I’d rather wake up crushed, than go to sleep a fucking quitter”

On the website he made specifically for this album, he often explains certain songs (so check there occasionally), along with posting videos and stuff. In this post, he briefly talks about the meaning behind “In It For Scars“. The mistake he made that all started with the damaging “Don’t fall for me” disclaimer.

With every song, Kapeesh does a fine job at crafting scenes and glimpses into the specific moments of his relationship blues. You’ll find yourself knee-deep in his struggles, feeling empathy and compassion, while puzzles, crafted by the lyrics and delivery, start to form pictures. I guess the best way for me to describe this is to think of “A Christmas Carol”, where the ghost of Christmas past takes Scrooge into his past to see his childhood. In this case, you are taken to particular moments in Kapeesh‘s relationship downfall, where you get to be the on-looker of the unfortunate “Pretty Blues” events. Does that make sense? Haha.

Another favorite on the album is the final track, “Alone (Pretenders Anthem)“. With screaming vocals from Brandon Hayes, and a choatic mind that occupies Kapeesh‘s skull, he begs for solitary time. I picture him sitting in darkness, and the only light is being emitted from his cellphone. Missing her, missing “them”, missing the good times. His brain is a whirlpool of messy thoughts, and his heart is screaming to be detached from it all.


It’s more than an album, though. While you can download the project for free, or donate, there’s a bigger part that still needs to be talked about. Kapeesh teamed up with his very talented, artistic friend, Sean Norvet. Together, they created a 30-page poetry book for “Pretty Blues“. Every lyric to each song was handwritten, alongside stunning drawings and mixed media pieces. The book is a limited edition of just 100 pieces, at a price of $15, so you might want to get your hands on it. You can also get a signed print (taken by Miles Custer) that was inspired by “Pretty Blues“, along with stickers and a bonus track for $5. You make the choice over at Bandcamp. - Crayon Beats

Kapeesh returns to Ventura County with three gigs this weekend: Thursday, Aug. 16 at Bombay Bar and Grill; Friday, Aug. 17 at The Red Cove; and Saturday, Aug. 18 at the Beachcomber Tavern. - Ventura County Reporter


Pretty Blues - July 2012

That Racket - February 2012

Hard Feelings - September 2011

KapGunsAreFun: Vol 1 - February 2011

E.G.O. - August 2010



A friend briefly tells you about this guy Kapeesh and his "rap" music and how you should go to one of his shows. You've already passed judgement (understandably so) because, well, hip-hop and those who represent her, usually suck. It's a saturated genre, bad crowd... the list goes on and on. But you show up to this Kapeesh set and; there's no club anthems, no entourage, no songs blatantly imitating current rap sensation "lil whatshisface", he doesn't have the microphone halfway down his throat, and he's not yelling at you to put your hands up!? Rather, you are hearing; upbeat drum-n-bass songs about motivation, punk songs about rebellion and individuality, and crushing emotion filled songs about relationships and heartache (sung from atop an actual apple box). Then he puts on this mask and sings about finding his own style and not caring what the naysayers or traditionalists might think. You are watching an honest dude rap his honest songs with tons of energy and presence and now your definition of hip-hop needs revising.
My name is Kapeesh. I rap, make beats, and smile as often as possible.
I'm influenced by my emotions, my relationships, sex, the alternative musics I find inspiring, video games, and the little bit of the world I understand.
I want my music to lead me to other countries so I can have cool stories to tell my (unborn) kids about the fruits of dedication, sacrificing, and dream chasing. (A little after school special, I know, but it's true). Take a chance on a good kid with soul.

Sounds like: a lot of fun! I'm kidding, uhhhhh; eyedea, kendrick lamar, atmosphere, open mike eagle, busdriver, illogic, you.