KAPOW! a 7-piece chaos machine, snatching sounds and inspiration from all times, all places - whenever and wherever music is catharsis, religion, celebration; future moog synths versus retro guitars in a pop-inspired psych-funk Carnivale.


Following a two-year stint with The Fiery Furnaces and Franz Ferdinand, Toshi Yano returned to what he liked doing best - writing and arranging frantic, inspired, epic pop gems. Joined by an assemblage of well-known New York musicians from a diverse background of musical genres, Yano and the rest of Kapow released a 3-song demo (featuring "Make You Mine") tracked at NYC's Magic Shop. The recordings quickly made an impression and were warmly received and reviewed by internet taste-makers Pitchfork and Fluxblog. Kapow is currently putting the finishing touches on their first album, and now with a full 7-piece line-up, the live show has rapidly become a cause celebre in the international indie world. The band regularly plays shows supporting The Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, The Fiery Furnaces, Blood On The Wall, Enon, Love As Laughter and We Are Wolves.

- Jon Pareles, The New York Times

"Saves the day."
- Rob Mitchum, Pitchfork

"A wall of sound that'd give Phil Spector shivers."
- Jersey Beat

"Fresh, vibrant."
- Fluxblog

"A breath of fresh air..."
- You Ain’t No Picasso

- Awreye



Written By: Kapow

Here comes Jenny,
Wondering why she looks so sad,
Yesterday she seemed glad,
Today she's gone from good to bad.

She fell in love with someone yesterday,
But someone came and took her love away.

Oh Jenny,
Fell and broke her heart again.
Never fall in love again.
Never fall in love.


"3 Songs" featuring 'In Regards to the Children," "Girl," and "Make You Mine"

Set List

Jenny Who?
Make You Mine
I Dunno
You Can't Stop
The Talking Donkey Show
The Pop International Theme Song
Flying Kites
Good Morning
Cup Of Water
Sunny Lee
I Wanna Girl
Who's Crying Now?
We Love You