Kapow Music

Kapow Music


Imagine Hank Williams, Stephen Malkmus, and Serge Gainsbourg stuck on a deserted island, partying their asses off!


Buit upon the solid foundation of John Ribo's songwriting, Kapow Music blends indie, country, chanson francaise, zouk, son and new wave into an amalgamation all their own.

Tapping into the impressive production and performance talents of the Chapel Hill-based Bu Hanan Records collective, Kapow Music has made quite a splash in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle establishing themselves as one of the area's up and coming bands.


A Texan in Europe Revisited - 2004

tracks from album regulary receive airplay on WXDU, WKNC, WXYC and WKUT.

Set List

all originals
45 minutes

just a boy
you no longer care
just there
but i had to go
day i met you
nothing in your hands
ma tutrice
now old memorie fade
one-way train
and new ones are made
it was hard to leave